Visit Peru

2015 Travel Guide

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Peru, or the Republic of Peru is a South American country with a population of about 30,147, 935 (2014 est.). This constitutional republic is lead by President Ollanta Humala and has a rich history, including the rise an fall of the Incas. Peru is located South of Ecuador and Columbia, with the coast facing the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
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The official currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol

1 USD= 3.09 Nuevo Sol

1 Nuevo Sol= .32 USD

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Flag Significancce

The flag of Peru is very intricate and elegant. The significance of each component is described below:

Red- the blood shed for independence

White- peace and purity

Vicuna (coat of arms)- fauna, freedom, national pride, & heroism

Yellow cornucopia in vicuna- wealth

Cinchona tree- flora

laurel & palm- liberty & freedom

Peruvian Cuisine

Holidays, Music, and Entertainment

Annually, there are over 3,000 fiestas in Peru; many are celebrated by Incas, who worship several gods. Among these are celebrations to the god of the Sun and the god of earthquakes. Every place in Peru has a different dance and popular music that represents their lifestyle, as dancing is a large part of Peruvian entertainment and culture. Other popular forms of entertainment are soccer/football, volleyball, bullfighting, and cockfighting.

Significant Tourist Attractions