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Vol. 2 - November 19, 2013

Discovery Education's Board Builder

Looking for a good alternative for the no-longer free Glogster? Discovery Education has recently added “Board Builder” for teachers and students. The Board Builder allows users to present collections of resources in a dynamic, highly visual way.

You can now create engaging, interactive lesson plans and assignments that not only include Discovery Education resources, but your own images, files and videos as well.

To find Board Builder, log in to Discovery Education (See Jeff for login help) then click on the "Builder Tools" tab and at the bottom of the list choose Board Builder.

*All Frisco ISD students have accounts set up in Discovery Education. (see example pictured below)

  • Username = ID#@friscoisd (*Note: There is NO ".org" at the end)
  • Password = 8 digit birthday

See Jeff Wiseman for more help on using Discovery Education tools!


eduCanon ( is a cool website that let's teachers post questions IN any Youtube video that pop-up at specific points in the video. Students answer the questions as they watch, keeping them engaging and being held accountable.

"eduCanon.... [can] transform what is traditionally passive content into an active experience for students. By embedding activities that students engage with as the video progresses the content is segmented into digestible components - increasing student engagement and, through our analysis, informing the next day’s lesson planning."

  • Give feedback based on student responses
  • Differentiate your questions for your students by assigning different sets of questions to the same video for each group of learners.
  • Monitor students' progress and proficiency in each lesson

  • Can be viewed in any browser & on most mobile devices

***This is perfect for flipped classrooms!!

Watch the video below for more info, or visit their website to play with a demonstration!

eduCanon Sept 3 Release

Did you Know? YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube audio library is a collection of copyright friendly music (YEA!) that can inserted into student's video projects that they're creating! Rather than downloading & converting songs from Youtube (ILLEGAL), students can now go to YouTube and use music LEGALLY!

  • The audio library doesn’t have a lot of the newest music, but it is more extensive than I had thought it would be.
  • Also nice is how it’s separated into categories and genres to make finding a specific song and song style easier.
  • Here’s a blog post about the YouTube Audio Library in case you’re interested.

Eduphoria’s Formspace Tip: Viewing Past Forms

If you would like to see what forms you have submitted through Formspace, use the drop-down near the top and switch from “Current Forms” to “Past Forms”. By default this only shows the past few weeks worth of forms. Use the date selection (and search criteria if you would like) at the bottom to expand your results.

Note: Your Current Forms list should be empty! These are forms that you started but haven’t submitted. If you have any forms on this list please either submit them or delete them. You should ALWAYS start from a NEW FORM because if the questions or workflow have been changed, an old form will still have the old information.

Need a smile? Take a minute to enjoy this video!

baby&me / the new evian film

News & Updates

  • FISD Tech Facilitators have a Pinterest page. It has a TON of ideas, tech tools, apps, etc. Its a great place to look for new ideas, so check it out! Tech Tators Pinterest Board

  • Let's work together to plan something engaging and interactive for your students. Just shoot me an email and we can set up a time to meet. Several teachers and planning groups are already doing this. Keep an eye out for some really cool projects and activities.

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