Leah's Ladies

January Celebrations

How were our sales in January??

In January my Gen 0 (those people for whom I am their Director) sold a total of $11,541 and in my entire downline of 68 people our sales were $13,773.

What's going in inside of our team?

Sending out a big CONGRATS to Rebecca Farlee who promoted to Director in January!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

We also had LOTS of anniversaries in the month of January!

Amy Quakkelaar - 3 years

Stephanie Whitmore - 2 years

Erica Elsie - 1 year

Kristina Poirier - 1 year

Carolyn Kamp - 1 year

Congratualtions to all of you!


Congratulations to the following people who had more that $1000 PV in January:
  • Rebecca Farlee - $1884
  • Sara Boivin - $1726
  • me - $1631
  • Kelly Rogers - $1220

Congratulations to the following people who had more than $500 in PV as well:

  • Tami/Kassi Borucki - $912
  • Erica Elsie - $905
  • Christie Cerasoli - $644

What's coming up with Thirty-One?

  • NATIONAL CONFERENCE: Mark your calendars for either date listed below depending on where you live. I think most of us are east of the Miss. River which is the dividing line 31 is using for which conference you will attend. I will be going to Columbus July 23 -25 and I'm sure we will have a few caravans headed down all together. It's a wonderful opportunity to invest in your business with great training and have some girl time all in one place. Attending for the 1st time last year it totally changed my perspective in what I do. You can earn conference for FREE and in fact you are doing it right now! Just go to your back office and click on Incentives to see what Star Level you've achieved so far. Plan to come with me this year!!! Registration will begin in March and you will surely get emails about it.
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  • TEXTING CAMPAIGN: If you are NOT on my Leah's Ladies facebook group for consultants or if you don't check it regularly, you haven't heard about my challenge! If you are struggling with bookings this may be just what you need. Feel free to participate and comment in our fb group when you get a booking! If you aren't a member of the group, please join!! Here it is:

CHALLENGE: You're invited to the Spring Booking Challenge!!!!!
Please join us for a team texting challenge to book as many parties as possible between now and the end of April.

Go through your contacts list and text as many people as you can.
Sample text: "Hey_____! I am in a contest to see how many parties I can book in 2 hours. Would you be willing to host a party between now and April?"
FEBRUARY 13 & 15, 2014 (skipping Valentine's Day but want to give you time yet to book in February if necessary)

  • SHIPPING INFO: When you input a party and put yourself down as a Hostess to have the order sent to you, the hostess rewards will be counted as your non-monetary earnings on your 1099. To avoid this, put the party in under your hostesses name and address and when entering the party, under Hostess Credit just type SHIP in the box where you would normally put the item number. This will ship the entire order to your address on file. I am totally not a tax person so if you have specific questions on this and need further clarification on this, just email or call Home Office.
  • SPRING SPECIALS: As you found out from our Celebrate and Connect meetings, we have some awesome specials coming up! How To Market March is up and running on TOT so be sure to check that out and spread the word. In April our AWESOME duffles are BACK!
  • OPPORTUNITY CALLS: Cindy Monroe, our founder, wants to help you grow your business! She will be leading 10 minute webcasts on the following dates so please share this with someone you know who is considering the 31 opportunity. You will find more info on TOT but here are the links: Feb. 16 – https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1028968
    Feb. 18 – https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1029493
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