Love What You Do!


What Is it?

It's a earth science job. You work outdoors, but also in laboratories or offices. They mostly work for city, state, and federal government agencies. For a regular week, it's about 40 hours. The jod is mostly about collecting information about the earth's surface and underground water supply. They also help with solving floods and drouts.

Wisconsin or National?

In both Wisconsin and national the jobs available are the same; both very high. It just depends on how much the public and government are concerned about ground water contamination.

One place in Wisconsin that hires Hydrology is NOAA in Green Bay, WI


Wisconsin- $49,540 to $94,690

National- $48,280 to $112,490


The degree you will need is Hydrologists and water resources science, it's about the water cycle and earths process. I picked one of the many colleges that support you in getting this degree. Rensselaer Polytechnic institute is a private university located in the suburbs of NY. There is Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate. There is also a 16:1 ratio of student to staff; but to be in the class of about 16 you have to have a GPA of 3.67, ACT of 24 to 29, and a SAT score of 600 to 699. Plus they have courses on evenings, on-line classes, and summer classes that are highly recommended.

Is This A Career For Me?

I think this job would be a fun experience. Some of the bad things are that they are in a office and you don't really make a ton of money until you become more experienced. I do love that you get to go outside and probably see a lot of cool and interesting things.