Lins' Updates

April 25th - May 6th

DARE Graduation

Last week we had DARE graduation at the high school. It was so great seeing so many parents and family members there and being so supportive! It was a really great ceremony and I felt like the kids were really touched by the speakers. some very powerful lessons to learn so I hope the words shared sticks with them.

Thank you to everyone who donated money to the K-9 fundraisers and to all parents/families who brought their child to the graduation!

Artist in Residence

This week Purdy was fortunate enough to enjoy an Artist in Residence, Chesney Snow who is a professional beatboxer who came to teach our students and share his talents (fits in pretty well with our generosity theme, huh?). Chesney spent the week talking about how to make sounds with our voice/mouth and how those sounds can be used to tell a story. We practiced sounds as a whole group, as well as small group performances and some rap battles. We wrapped the week up with a whole school performance. Check out Purdy's facebook page for more information and video recordings.

Reader's Workshop / Literacy

We are wrapping up our first unit within the generosity theme and the kids have done a really nice job doing research and writing a research article about an organization in the local (or national) community that benefits people or animals. These programs ranged from BGC, the Humane Society, Cancer Society, and so on. I am very excited to share these with you as they have helped me see how much these kids have grown as writers -w hich is very exciting!!

Our next writing project will be recording a PSA - public service announcement about an event that the organization from the last writing unit will be (or will be pretending) to put on!

Everyday Math

Units 9 and 11 have been tested and the scores will be coming home on Monday. This was a really difficult unit as students were asked to recall their understanding of area and perimeter and stretch that into volume as well. The challenge in 5th grade is being able to find area of fractional shapes as well as volume of irregular prisms.

Be on the lookout for the Unit 10 family letter to be in the mail on Monday.

Semester Map Test

We are almost done!! Wohooo!! We have the US states map test left to finish and we are done for the Quarter! The US States test will be on Friday, May 20th. Please remember if your child is unhappy with their score they can retake at any time, they just need to let me know!

Some websites to help you study:

We will be testing Addition and Subtraction facts the week of May 9th and Multiplication and Division facts on the week of May 16th. Happy Studying!! :)


Field Trips

It's that crazy end of the year time and we are getting ready for some field trips. The 5th grade will be traveling to Discovery World in Milwaukee on Tuesday, May 10th. A permission slip with lunch request was sent home this week. Please let me know if you need another copy! Chaperones are welcome to come - please know the cost for a parent/adult to attend is $7.00.

Please stay tuned for more specific information about the trip as well as details about the Milwaukee Zoo trip.

Important Dates to Remember

Monday, May 9th - Social Studies Test!!!

Tuesday, May 10th - Discovery World Field Trip, Milwaukee

Friday May 13th - All Band and Orchestra Rehearsal @ Luther

Tuesday, May 17th - Band and Orchestra Concert at the HS

Tuesday, May 24th - Spring Concert at the HS @ 6 PM

Wednesday, May 25th - 5th Grade Field Day @ HS in the afternoon

Monday, May 30th - NO SCHOOL - Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, June 6th - Zoo Field Trip, Milwaukee

Tuesday, June 7th - 5th Grade Breakfast