February 4th Grade Update

Miss Fowler's Class


As we enter February, we leave fractions behind (though the 4th graders know fractions are always around them) and begin to study angles. Students will learn to recognize angles of 90, 180, 270, and 360 degrees. Be sure to ask them if an angle is obtuse or acute! They will also practice estimating angles and measuring angles using a protractor. After the President's Day break, the class will work on finding unknown complementary and supplementary angles.

Of course, we will continue our daily mental math and word problems. And, as always, multiplication facts will be practiced.

Reading Workshop

Book Clubs are up and running! I love being a fly on the wall while the groups are discussing the great historical fiction books they are reading. Groups are practicing listening to each other's comments and questions and then taking the time to respond and discuss each person's ideas before moving on to the next comment.

Using our read aloud, the class is focusing on character development and how an author can describe a character without coming right out and telling the reader what their internal characteristics are. We are also discovering how the setting of a story plays an important part on the development of the characters.

After the President's Day break, we will begin a unit on fantasy. This is always a favorite! Using our read aloud, we will discuss common characteristics of fantasy novels and how setting is an important part of this genre.

Writer's Workshop

During the month of February, the class will be entering essay structure boot camp. Students will learn strategies that will help them structure their essay writing. We will begin with an assigned topic that will put them through the routine of learning a disciplined way of writing a very basic essay. Students will learn to support their thesis statements with strong evidence and supporting details. Once the students have learned the essay “formula”, they will begin to collect ideas for their personal essays. Using their essays, students will also assess their own writing using an opinion-writing checklist. It is going to be a fun and challenging month!

Social Studies

We begin the month by finishing our study of the warm Southeast Region. Towards the middle of the month, we'll move westward and begin to explore the Southeast Region. We will continue using maps to understand the geographical location of the places we discuss and the natural resources of the area. We will also learn about the states and climate of the Southwest and make comparisons of people and groups who lived there in the past with people who live there now.

February Fun!

February 7th: Field Trip to the Edison Museum

February 7th: Stories Under the Stars
February 13th: Noon Dismissal ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences
February 14th: No School ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences
February 17th: No School ~ Presidents' Day

Valentine's Day Party

Thursday, Feb. 13th 2014 at 9am

Miss Fowler's 4th Grade Class

4th grade will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Thursday, February 13th in our classroom before our noon dismissal that afternoon. I will provide the treats and entertainment, and students are more than welcome to exchange valentines with their classmates. While not required to bring them in, please remember if they choose to do so, they need to bring a valentine for every one! Thank you!