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Ever sense Samuel Slater has come to America; he has accomplished a lot for our economy. It all started when he emigrated here to establish what today are textile mills. With the help of Moses Brown and his two boys, Smith Brown and William Almy, made the first American textile mill. They tested it to see if it was truly more efficient then making by hand. William says that the mill accomplished more than he could ever imagine.

Slater gave me the scoop that the mills are water powered which spins the paddle wheel moving the belts. These belts operated the machines that cleaned and spun raw cotton and the loom. He also tells me that he opened his business a couple of years ago and is now hiring families to do the simple tasks like making sure the thread stays aligned. His goal is to own 13 mills by the time he is done. He was fortunate enough to leave a diagram so that other people can start their mill business and further this excellent economy boost.