A Christmas carol

coming to a theatre near you!!!

Why you should see A Christmas Carol

A Christmas carol by Charles dickens I think people should see a Christmas carol because the play looks like the book is coming to life. Also It's a great production and it has a great meaning it makes you feel generous and happy because all the ghost's taught Scrooge a lesson. Another reason is The sound effects are amazing especially when the ghost of Christmas to come. In addition It's an amazing play and what the characters wear is very similar to what they wear in the book. Overall I think a Christmas carol was a great production.

Hey yeah you come see A Christmas Carol it will be worth it!!


I have made a sacrifice in my life. My sacrifice was that I had a chance to get a new iPhone but I sacrificed I and bought it for my brother. Scrooge has made many sacrifices one would be sacrificing his old ways and he stopped being mean and he started becoming nice.