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Week of September 28


This past Wednesday evening, The Titans made history. We inducted 70 students in to the first ever group of Tidwell AVID students. Some of you attended in support of your students. Others of you missed a powerful night. We had a packed house full of proud parents, grandparents and family members. As the ceremony ended, many of the parents were beaming as pictures were taken and memories made. AVID is a strong program built on very simple concepts regarding personal organization, note-taking and high expectations. Behind those AVID characteristics is a strong undercurrent of family culture. Titans, we have reached that culture with our AVID students. I could not be prouder of how you all have embraced this program and supported our students.

As the week begins, take a moment to provide a bit of praise and encouragement to an AVID student in your classes. These students are going to go on to accomplish great things.

Have a great weekend,


This Week at Tidwell:

Monday, September 28

Math/Sci PLCs - 7:45am

Parkman, Pawski and Galtin @ AP PLC (am)

Barker @ Discipline Trng (pm)

7th Fball Vs Hillwood (Texan Stadium)

NISD Board Mtg

Tuesday, September 29

Dr. Rue Campus Visit (am)

8th Fball vs Hillwood (Hillwood)

Wednesday, September 30

ELA/SS PLCs - 7:45am

Zone XC Meet (Pike)

BNHS Homecoming Parade

Thursday, October 1

Lady Titan Vball (@BNHS)

Barker Out - Personal day (Canton!!!)

Friday, October 2

7th AVID Field Trip

End of 1st Grading Period

PSAT Trng (8th grade)

MS Principals Focused Walks (am)

Important Information

  • Remember you have 5 SBBBs to showcase throughout this school year. Now is a great time to be thinking about your first one.
  • 1st Marking Period Grades are due Monday, October 5 at 8:00AM.
  • On Fri, Oct 2, we will be hosting the MS principals for a quick focused walk through session. You may see them stop by your classroom for a walk through. Their focus is on objective-task alignment. I have asked them for feedback regarding the relationship between our Learning Targets and the tasks we are asking the students to complete. As with any campus visit, please just do exactly what you do everyday. I'm excited to show off our TITANS!
  • Thank you all for continuing to be supportive of our students and parents as they learn the new Grading Guidelines.
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Sweatin' in the PLCs

This week you'll be meeting in your content area PLC. (Just like last year.) You'll be working on topics/tasks that are specific to your need as a PLC. I greatly appreciate the work you are doing in the PLC meetings, Department meetings and in Grade Level meetings. I have the privilege of walking through and observing all of these meetings each week and I can share with you that our CONNECTED IMPACT is strong. You all as campus leaders are cohesively working together on your various areas of instruction to create an overall impact for the campus. Our first sets of data are coming in and we are holding strong!

It's that time of year when the weariness begins to set in. Dig deep Titans and stay the course! You may feel tired and unsure of the benefits of our hard work. I'm here to cheerlead you on and tell you that I do see the benefits and we are poised for amazing outcomes this school year.