Parenting 2015

By: Ajai Brown

Today there are a lot of young teens getting pregnant and not really ready to take on the role of becoming a parent they just rush into having sex not thinking about the consequences that comes with their actions of having sex. Some teens get pregnant not knowing what to because they don't know how to take care of their child by them not having financial support & it makes it harder for them to want to parent their child. Some teens have help and know how to take on their role as a parent but being a young parent comes with a lot of challenges because it's not about you anymore it's about your child and your child comes 1st some young teens feel like their life is over by them having a child and they can't do the stuff that they want to do anymore like trying to go to college, going partying, hanging with friends, staying out late, etc...... But all that doesn't come to a end it's just for right now they have a responsibility to take care of their child now by the actions they made that is holding them back from wanting to do what others teens without kids can do. I just feel like us teens need to make wise choices and think about their consequences that will cause them to be a young parent knowing that they may not be ready to take on a parenting role so teens just need to think more carefully by them wanting to do all this stuff by them being so young.
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