A language still used but yet forgotten in many western worlds

Sanskrit: What is it?

To answer this question we must first learn of uses, origins, and appearance. Sanskrit is one of the 22 official languages in India, and is used for everyday speak as well with religion and science. It has origins in even B.C.E. times, and was formed in what we now call The Indian Subcontinent.

Sankrit's Importance to India

Sanskrit importance to India is not only religious but is also the mother of all languages. Classical Sanskrit was formalized in fourth century B.C.E. and was the first language in India; and was one of the few first spoken, organized languages. Sanskrit now is often translated into the Latin alphabet but is still used in its traditional alphabet.

Sanskrit- What Alphabet?

The Sanskrit words I showed you actually use the Devanagari alphabet, which is what it is most commonly used in. Also, the examples I showed are Classical Sanskrit. Classical Sanskrit was made after Vedic Sanskrit, which was the old language of the Vedas, developed somewhere in the second millennium B.C.E.. Now Sanskrit is often translated using the International Roman Alphabet Translation system (IRAT).
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