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Lakers History

The Lakers have been through a lot I would say have been through the most then any other team out there. A player was named Magic Johnson, at the time he was their best player and never would be hated, one day he was tested for HIV and came back positive. He then retired and to a club that many others that had HIV helped each other out.

The Best of the Best

Mikan was told that he was to tall and blind to play in basketball. He ended up being one of the best on the team. Shaq was never told that he was bad or to tall he was 7-2 size shoe 23. He was just not getting any better at shooting so his coach said try your left hand, he then became one of the best basketballs players ever lived some people would say.


Kobe Bryant is right now the star player for the team, he is consider the best on the team. He is 6-6 weight is 212 he has been pro basketball for 19 years.