PBSES Newsletter: Welcome Back

Preparing for Launch: Aug 28th, 2021

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Meet Your Positive Behavior Support Coach

For those who don't know me, my name is Heather McDonough, and I am your Positive Behavior Support Coach. The kids call me Ms. McD! I am elated to be returning for my 4th year at Briarwood. I am here to support and coach you with Proactive Classroom Management Strategies (PCMS), positive behavior interventions, SEL instruction, and more! Education is my number one passion and so happy to help our wonderful Briarwood teachers blast off into 2021!

I am available by appointment and drop in! Let's plan your successful launch together!

Coaching Resource Website: https://www.pbismtssmcdonough.com/

Let's Launch Into Expectations

This is a one-stop shop for all of your PBSES materials. You are welcome to share these expectations with families and your students!

This Newsletter will cover:

  • Expectation Posters
  • Lunchroom Expectations & Information
  • Expectation Matrix
  • Expectations PowerPoint
  • Expectations Video
  • Tier 1 Reward System
  • Distance Door Greetings
  • Tier 1 Presentation Powerpoint
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Expectation Posters

Use the posters below to teach expectations throughout the building. As you transition back into the building, you will receive enlarged posters in your mailbox.
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Expectations Downloadable Posters



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You will have a specific section. Please have your students sit in their spot in their section.

Important Lunchroom Information:

Pre-Teach & Re-Teach

*In order for students to fully understand expectations, please pre-teach and reteach Lunchroom Expectations. The notes below are to assist with those expectations.

· Teach your students to sit in their assigned section on their spot

· All students will sit inside unless parents have contacted Admin

· Allergy Aware: Students who are Allergy Aware(*as noted by the nurse) will be assigned spots
in a designated area

· Teach your students to enter the correct entrance of the lunchroom depending on their type of lunch

· Student must sit facing their given direction spaced apart

· Have students sit in line order

o Make sure you note your line order for contact tracing

o If a student is getting hot lunch, make sure the students in the
line leaves space for the student getting hot lunch.

o If a student is sitting outside, there will be an empty sit spot for them inside in case of inclement weather

· Clean up will begin two minutes before lunch is over and return to their sit spot

· Sections will be dismissed at the bell from the Lunchroom Staff

· Teach your students to put their lunchbox in Lunchbox Parking Lot assigned spot

· Teach your students to pick up their lunchbox after recess and return to class

· Students must follow the given arrows and flow of traffic in the Lunchroom

Expectations Matrix

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Expectations PowerPoint

Expectations Video

Briarwood Expectations Video 2021

Briarwood Tier 1 Reward System

Bear Tickets

Briarwood will continue to use Bear Tickets as our Tier 1 incentive program! Please hand out Bear Tickets when you see a student following the expectations. This reinforces positive behavior for following the expectations of Briarwood. Teachers keep track of the Bear Tickets submitted by your students on your Bear-o-meter. Fill in a line for each ticket received. Please let me know when your Bear-o-meter is full and you will receive a Bear Paw! Please see below for the Bear Paw structured system.

Bear Tracking System

30 Bear Tickets = A Bear Paw

Email Heather McDonough when you have collected 30 Bear Tickets @ mcdonoughh@issaquah.wednet.edu!

5th Paw: Bronze Paw

10th Paw: Silver Paw

15th Paw: Gold Paw

20th Paw: Rainbow Paw

Briarwood Great Kids

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Each staff member nominates at least 4 students each month that have
followed the Briarwood Way! ​

  • The student will receive…​

  • A Certificate​

  • Shout Out​

  • BW Prize​

  • Posted Certificate

Nomination Link Coming Soon!

Social Distancing Door Greetings

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Tier 1 PBSES Presentation

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Blast Off Into The A Year That Is Out Of This World!