School Testing



This site will be about the schools and their testing, and the negative effect on it. It's also about the students and parent reactions on testing. There are also things on what typ of tests and the effect teachers are getting with the tests.


Student and Perent Reactions

The students reactions on tests are, that one student had 15 min left on a essay and she only had the introduction done so she had to rush. She ended up getting a bad grade, so what I'm saying is tests are not the best with time.

The parents reactions are that some parents don't like some of the tests being takin, so they take there children out of school so they don't have to take it. Some people think that it's the parents fault that kids are nerves on tests, because the parents get worried for their child. So the child gets nerves on the tests because they don't want to fail it, then they answer the questions wrong so they end up getting a bad grade. One school had at least half of the students opt out because they didn't want to take the standardized test. Also the standardized test brought the teacher curriculum down.