6th Grade Newsletter

January 2017

General Announcements

  • January 16 - No School, MLK Holiday
  • January 18 - ELA Benchmark
  • January 20 - Dance 3:30-5:30
  • January 25 - No School
  • January 27 - 2nd Quarter Reward, Ice Skating
  • January 31 - Report Cards sent home

Language Arts

Mr. JBrooks

Students in Mr. Brooks' class will be busy as we finish up before the holidays. Students are in the final stage of publishing a "seed" narrative about a moment in their lives. If that's not enough, students have been engrossed in self selected non-fiction with hopes of completing the December reading challenge. Students should be working on something Language Arts related every night! Vocabulary! Grammar! Self Selected Reading!

Mrs. Dyson

In Mrs. Dyson's Language Arts students have been studying about Oral Traditions, Fairy Tales, Folk tales and Fables. Mr. Johnson spent a day in our class sharing ballads, many that were from North Carolina. We'd like to thank Mr. Johnson for sharing his musical talent with us. He really helped us have a better understanding of hyperbole, personification, cause, effect and point of views.

Mrs. Kerr

Mrs. Kerr's class traveled back to ancient times with a study of mythology. Groups read and discussed traditional myths. Students then pretended to be a god, goddess, or mythological creature, and created a Facebook page. It was interesting to read what the gods were up to. Poseidon was preparing for the ice caps melting, Hephaestus was making Zeus a new throne, and Aphrodite was looking for another couple to ship.


Mrs. Lowery/Mr. Hockaday and Mr. GBrooks

Math classes have wrapped up working on the Coordinate Plane and Integers and are now focusing on ratios, rates, and proportions. During this unit, students have discovered how math IS really used everyday. Students have jumped head first into problem-based learning activities involving chocolate milk, energy drinks, and paint. If you need a boost, your child can tell you which energy drink will be the best "bang" for you buck!


Mr. Strickland and Mr. GBrooks

How did that get there? After finding how our planet is shaped due to volcanic and seismic activity, our Science students have been investigating the forces that are at work above ground and closer to home. From dust to boulders and everything in between, we've been discovering how rocks cycle through different phases and how being under pressure doesn't always mean feeling hot under the collar. We will use our discoveries to help us understand the importance of soil and what lessons we learned from The Dust Bowl.

The sixth grade field trip to Vulcan was a highlight of our science unit on rocks and minerals. The engineers and geologists at Vulcan made our study "real" and they seemed to enjoy our visit as much as we did!

Social Studies

Mr. JBrooks

Students have been amazed to learn about the Ancient Egyptian mummification process! "They took the brain out through the nose!?!" has been a common refrain in class the past few days.

Along with our study of Egypt, kids work with an atlas daily and I hope you are seeing a more globally aware child than the one you sent to North Davie in August! We will begin a study of Ancient India on our return from the holidays.

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith's classes finished studying the ancient civilization of Egypt just before Christmas. During this unit students enjoyed learning about how the people there lived very differently than we do. Especially the way they mummified their pharaohs and the elite in society. We are now exploring the ancient civilization of India. During our study we will learn about how they live, their religion, and important people from this time. We also continue to keep updated on what is happening currently in the world around us and watching CNN student news is a favorite for everyone.

2nd Quarter Reward - ICE SKATING

On January 27, students who have not received any referrals or Fs during the second quarter will be traveling to Winston Salem and enjoying a day away from school! Here, students will enjoy a few hours of ice skating. We always encourage good behavior and want your child to be recognized. Permission slips and more information will be sent home soon.