Pathfinder Dispatch

First Edition - Friday, December 17th, 2021

Meet the Newspaper Team

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The newspaper team writes about the amazing events and leadership taking place at Pathfinder. We work together to learn about the work the student leadership teams are accomplishing. We then use our amazing writing skills to share with all students and staff on a virtual newsletter.

Reported By: Amanuel Wondwosen - 3rd Grade and Anel Dzilic - 4th Grade

Here is our team:

1st Grade: Gunnar 2nd Grade: Zac, Anton, Deliyah 3rd Grade: Teagan, Kensley, Amanuel, Christopher and Blake 4th Grade: Anel, Calvin, Lindy, Freddie, and Immanuel

Meet the Editors

Hi! My name is Ms. Prose. This is my first year teaching 3rd grade at Pathfinder. I can’t wait to start helping you all make our first Pathfinder Student Newspaper! Fun fact, I used to write for my own student newspaper when I was in school.
Hi! My name is Mrs. Glidewell! I am so excited to be on the first Pathfinder Student Newspaper Team. I love to write and I really love to write about the wonderful things taking place at our amazing school. I have been teaching second grade at Pathfinder for 13 years.

Meet Some of the Reporters

Amanuel - 3rd Grade

My name is Amanuel. I love being on the student newspaper team. I really like to write. I love playing Roblox. My favorite sport is football. My favorite candy is Milky Way. I love to watch YouTube. My favorite color is red. My favorite animals are monkeys and dogs.

Anel - 4th Grade

Hi my name is Anel. I´m a fourth grade student and I am excited about being on the newspaper team. My favorite sport is soccer.

Freddie - 4th Grade

Hi, my name is Freddie! I was born on March 14th, 2012 in Kansas. I am in 4th grade. I have 3 older brothers. My oldest brother's name is Connor. My 2nd older brother´s name is Carson. My 3rd oldest brother's name is Wally. I also have a dog. Her name is Dasie.

Immanuel - 4th Grade

I am 9 years old. I like soccer. I love my family and I like to play outside. I really like to draw and write. My favorite thing to do is to talk to my friends and play with them. I’m really happy to have this job. It was my number one job on my list. It sounds very cool and fun. I am new to Pathfinder. I can’t wait to be able to meet and learn with all the people on the newspaper team.

Student Leadership Team Work

Are you interested in learning about each of our Student Leadership Teams? If so check out some of the teams highlighted in the first edition.

Recess Leaders

The recess leaders help to think win win. They also help to play fare. My friend Gabe is also on this team if you see him and you don’t know what to do he would be a nice person to talk to.

Reported by: Anel D. - 4th Grade and Anton Stepanov - 4th Grade

Celebrating Diversity

This Team focuses on learning about other countries and cultures. This team will look at festival items, make crafts, watch videos, and read books from around the world. Guest speakers from other countries will visit to share facts about different cultures. Most importantly this team will learn about how we are different.

Reported By: Daliyah McDonald - 2nd Grade and Lindy Reynolds - 4th Grade

Promoting Wellness

This team promotes wellness among students and staff. They teach students how to track their own wellness goal with a tracking sheet. This is a good team to be with because they teach you how to be healthy!

Reported By: Blake Walters - 3rd Grade and Christopher Toma - 3rd Grade

Art with Heart

This team sharpens the saw with their art skills. They share their art skills with the community. It helps make people happy.

Reported By: Anel D. - 4th Grade and Anton Stepanov - 4th Grade

Spirit Squad

The Spirit Squad welcomes people to the school on Wednesday. They also encourage people to succeed in their goals in not only school but in life too. The Spirit Squad chants the student mission statement during assemblies. The team helps congratulate others on their successes. This team practices in the music room with Mrs. Duncan. One very important thing is they sing a song that’s about the 7 habits and have taught everyone at Pathfinder how to sing the song too! We have learned we can't stomp our feet.

Reported By: Freddie Baldwin - 4th Grade and Zac Harris - 2nd Grade

Library Leaders

Library Leaders help organize books and help recommend books to students. They help setup for book fairs. This team works together to promote the library and reading. They synergize to help the library stay clean and organized. The teachers in library leaders are Mrs. Milne and Mrs. McCollum. This is a good leadership team because they help the library with book fairs organizing and so much more. Pathfinder please try your hardest to keep the library clean and keep READING!!!!

Reported By: Daliyah McDonald - 2nd Grade and Lindy Reynolds - 4th Grade

First Semester Events at Pathfinder

Trunk or Treat

At trunk or treat we we loved seeing spooky decorations and getting the candy!!! I loved seeing the cool costumes. Students loved coming to school dressed up and to have fun.

Reported By: Christopher T. - 3rd Grade and Teagan C. - 3rd Grade

Veteran's Day Celebration

On November 11, Pathfinder invited Veterans to have fun and eat with us. We congratulated them for all they've done for us and for risking their lives for our safety.

Reported By: Immanuel Anderson - 4th Grade and Kensley Houck - 3rd Grade

Leadership Socials

The reason we have Leadership Socials is because we have quality students that we vote for every month in our classrooms. We vote for them because they have been respectful to their peers and teachers. They have been doing their work and have been a leader.

At the October Leadership Social, the quality students saw a firetruck and got a lot of snacks. If you get chosen as a quality student you get to go to the lunch room and celebrate with other quality students. Quality students get chosen because they follow the 7 habits.

Reported By: Freddie Baldwin - 4th Grade and Zac Harris - 2nd Grade

Food Drive

Pathfinder food drive helped our families in need. Donating food helps people that are hungry. Thank you for donating to the Pathfinder food drive! The Student Lighthouse Team was in charge of the food drive. Look what we collected as a school.

Keep it up Pathfinder!!!!!

Reported By: Daliyah McDonald - 2nd Grade and Lindy Reynolds - 4th Grade

Book Fair

Students had a chance to buy books from the book fair and bring them home to read.

There were many wonderful books to pick from. Thank you to Mrs. Milne and Mrs. Wolters for the book fair!

Reported By: Blake Walters - 3rd Grade and Anton Stepanov - 4th Grade

PTA Fall Parties

Thank you to our AMAZING PTA for providing the tasty snacks, fun games, and craft. We had a great time sharpening our saw with our class!

Don't forget to thank your parents for all they do for us at Pathfinder!!! Our PTA move mountains for us! We love our PTA!!!!!

Reported By: Gunnar Woodard - 1st Grade and Calvin Jarboe - 4th Grade

The second edition of the Pathfinder Dispatch coming in March 2022!!!!