The Highlights of 2015's Marketing

See the highs and lows of last year's marketing & products

Marketing HIGHS


We all know that Apple is constantly coming out with new products we all immediately jump on. The newest editions to the Apple product line include the Apple Watch, the Apple TV service, and of course, the iPhone 6s. The new color made the buzz even louder. The new televised ads disprove the notion that Apple products are redundant and do not change across the product line. (pun intended)

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Google has re-branded themselves from the "thing for info" to the company that surrounds your daily life. They are becoming a friendly source instead of an 'all-knowing entity' as puts it. Their commercials have even made some songs very popular such as Missy Elliot's

"WTF Where They From".Google has even made advancements in the fields of virtual reality with Google Cardboard and 360 Degree Videos

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a company that will send you hand crafted recipes and ingredients at your doorstep. Patrick Drake, the head chef, is focused on the concept that everyone should have a quick, easy meal with gourmet quality. When the people first saw the debut commercial -with a bowl of Ramen noodles that looked like the best chefs in the world conspired to create this dish- they jumped on the internet and ordered their first box. Hello Fresh has definitely made a name for themselves.

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2015's Bad Products


Hoverboards were mostly marketed through social media and my celebrities. It could not reach many people through its advertisements. Additionally, hey promised a lot, but exploded under pressure- literally. Since hoverboards are new, they are expensive; therefore, people search for "hoverboards for cheap" on Google. These cheap hoverboards are missing key part like cooling system and dual motors. Additionally, they only relied on one medium to market their product.
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#2. Pinnacle Watch

Despite Apple being one of the top best marketed companies, products like this are just senseless. The Pinnacle Watch by Apple is simply a regular watch with an Apple Watch on the other side of the band. To add to the pointless concept, this product is prices at $3,930. I guess the designers tried to appeal to those who appreciate dual functionality products. Apple has failed to accomplish.
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2015's Best Movies

Let's take a moment to reflect on things that should be left in 2015...

TECH2K15 (and a regular product too:)


The fitbit is a device that functions as a pedometer, tracks heats rate, burned calories, and distance traveled. All of these functionalities come on a small device with a simple, compact design.

Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose speaker has the best sound quality, tuning functionality, and connectivity than any other bluetooth speaker of its kind. Ever since this product came out, people are making wise purchases for this speaker.

Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits

Kylie Jenner's plump lips are sought after and are so badly mimicked. From the KJLP to the 'over-the-line-crisis'. In response to her want of being a part of the makeup world and our (lowkey) cries for help, she has introduces her own lip kits called . The sold out in literally 30 SECONDS on Cyber Monday. Kylie Jenner's kits came in Dolce-K, Candy-K, and True Brown-K. The customers were pleased with their results and are patiently waiting for something else. (With Kylie's work ethic, I wouldn't hold my breath.)

The Music Artists of 2015

Top 10 of All Things 2015

Multiple Top 10 lists for last year's...everythings!

2016 Life Goals


I need to appreciate and try to understand more of the sacrifices they make to give me what I have today.

Personal Improvements

I NEED to lose weight. I have gained some weight over the holidays and the belly needs the boot.

School & Outside World

I need to be more social and have more of a balance in school



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