Telluride Access Bars w/Kate Spear

Feb 22 10:30am- 6:30pm

Ready to Choose Radiance?

Access Bars will expand your world and open you to YOUR radiant conscious life!! Bars is an energy work modality that allows you to clear lifetimes of limitation, dis-ease, and old patterns. The bars are points on the head that we hold with ease to facilitate clearing obstacles, and to open up new possibilities for ourselves. It's like clearing the files on your hard drive so that you can BE more of who you actually BE, with ease, joy, and possibility.

What Happens in a Class?

You will learn the modality by you receiving and giving 2 sessions. During the sessions we’ll share tools for consciousness, instructional materials and clearings to facilitate instant and infinite change!

You will leave a certified practitioner and have the capacity to trade with others, offer bars sessions to paying clients, and share it with your community.

8 CEU's for Massage therapists

A lifetime of transformation for everyone!

Check out this video and get a great feel for what I am talking about!

Creating & choosing more Expansion, Joy, Freedom, Love

Access The Bars®

Telluride, Co location TBA

Call 303-229-3330 to ask questions and to reserve your spot and to bring in the JOY!


Kate Spear

Kate Spear is a certified bars instructor and has been living and facilitating on a path of consciousness for over 20 years. She teaches in her home town of Boulder, Co as well as around the country. She is also a kirtan singer, conscious embodiment coach and a mother of 3 girls.