Water Pollution In Africa

Made by David Schmidt and Tyler Fields

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Reasons as to why the water is polluted

The photo above is a picture of the Akaki river which is located in ethopia, polluted by nearby sewage. A nearby leather tannery polluted the water, making it so that the nearby people have nothing to drink but filthy, diseased filled water.


Above are the three major problems of Water pollution. As you can see all of these problems create a lot of pollution.Leading to terrible water conditions. Here are some of the affects that water pollution has on people.

Effects of Water Pollution

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People and water pollution

Becuase of the water pollution, many women and children have to carry water from miles away.Studies show that nearly 40 billion hours are spent walking to water. THe water is also not cleaned.Many diseases such as E.coli are scattered in the water.


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About charity water

Charity water is a organization that gives people all around Africa water. Ways that they better the lives of many africans is by building things such as wells, latrines, and water purifiers. In order to make these buildings, it needs many donations, and thats where you come in.
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Why should I donate?

There are many reasons as to why you should donate. For starters, donating money gives the organization funds to build all thigns that save lives.The money you donate can help saves lives.Over 3,000,000 Africans have been given the ability for access to clean, nearby water. By giving just a little bit of money to water.You can save an entire village and give its people a chance to live better lives.

How can I donate?

There are many ways to help donate to charity water,you can even get your school involved. Maybe have a hat day at your school. The money made from the hat day then can be sent to charity water. That money will then go to a buidling project. Another project is the birthday project, the birthday project is where you pledge to donate your next birthday to charity water. over 9,000,000 dollars have been donated this way. An average of 38 people are given acces to clean water per birthday project! So get up and start donating, every penny can make a difference!