No One Is Safe

Chapter 8

Next Day.....

Malala's Farther wrote "Please don't harm my schoolchildren, he wrote, because the God you believe in is the same God they pray to every day. You can take my life, but please don't kill my children.

For there Safety

Clothes marked them as identifying with infidels in the eyes of Fazlullah's followers, so, for there safety, he had the boys switch to the traditional tunic and pants of the shalwar kamiz.
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My Point of View

My point of view is that Malala's father wrote a letter to the Taliban not do to do something bad in neighborhood. After that, Malala's had a choice to make the Khushal School to be safe my changing there uniform so the Taliban would'nt notice them so they won't reconigze them.

Malala's Story...

Malala was a lady that wanted to have an education. She spoked out that girls should have the right to have an education. Then one day Malala was in the bus going to school then there where a few men. That asked "Who is Malala". Then everyone just stayed quit and pointed. After that, one men shooted Malala right on the eye...,

Malala Birthday

Saturday, July 12th 1997 at 9pm

Mingaroa, Pakisten