English I PAP News

Mrs. Hunter's 1st and 2nd Periods

Final Days - Last Major Assignment :)

The students have completed reading two books - The House on Mango Street (completed outside of class) and the memoir Persepolis (completed inside class) - to analyze how culture can affect the choices we make in life. Before ever starting these two texts, students chose an compare and contrast essay topic to follow with notes throughout their reading. They will now take those notes and use to write their compare and contrast essay. Most of the students wrote their introductions to the paper, and beginning tomorrow students will begin writing their body paragraphs. Some students will complete their entire paper in class; other students will have homework this week to complete this assignment. The final draft will be due next Monday, 5/23, and Tuesday, 5/24.

Spring STAAR Results

STAAR results for all spring tests are reportedly due on June 3. Results will be mailed from LHS - Harmon, so please be on the lookout for this report. If you have a student who did not pass the English I assessment, LISD offers the North Star Writing Project Camp for two weeks in June to help students prepare for the July assessment.