Shine Team Newsletter

February 2014

Our Team

Wow, February was a great month! A big welcome to Alicia Gray, Irene Rodriguez, and Melanie Brannon, who joined in February! So happy to have you gals on the team!

Team Stats:


Number of States our team covers: 3

Number of parties: 10

Team Sales: $7086

My personal Sales: $2316

As a consultant I would have made: $579

Because I chose leadership I made: $791

Who's at the Top? Woohoo!!

$1000 or more in sales:
Nicole Liby - $2026 (Did you all notice this is super close to what I sold?! I will totally do special recognition if anyone beats my stats!)
Michele Mintzmyer - $1638

Held 2 or more parties:
Nicole Liby - 2
Michele Mintzmyer - 2
Susan Kraft - 2

Susan Kraft -1 recruit

What is your why?

Remember WHY you started this business? Remember how you felt when you first got your enrollment kit? Remember the excitement of clicking the submit button to order that kit? Remember how it felt when you booked your first party?
This is the love and empowerment we share with our hostesses and recruits. We really DO have the power to change the world one person at a time with this company.
I know that I can bring someone out of poverty, out of a bad situation, help them move on to greater things, give them self confidence, bring out things in them they never knew, encourage them, make them feel loved, make someone feel accepted, allow them to provide for their family....this is my WHY...and this is why I'm so passionate about what we do, our team, and this amazing journey we have created together.
I challenge you to GET ON FIRE in April! Find your passion, find your mission, and help someone else find theirs along the way.
Just wanted to say I am so happy to see the EXCITEMENT on this team lately. And I am so proud of all of you for really stepping out of your boxes lately!!

Important Dates

March 19 - Listen to Cindy at 9pm EST to learn how to best market your business in April. (find info on TOT)
March 17-24 April Celebrate and Connect late registration open. $5 fee will be assessed. You won't want to miss the Summer product premier!
March 27 - How to Market your month chat on (TOT)

April 1-15 - Earn Ready, Set, Sell
April 1-15 - Purchase your summer add on-kit
April 3-6 - Attend April Celebrate and Connect meeting for Summer Product Premier!
April 7 - Summer is live on TOT, check out the Summer checklist, Enrollment kit, Business Supplies, and more!