Raspberry Pi Media Server

The Future Of Computing by Oliver Titcomb

How to set one up.

A Raspberry Pi is a computer which beginners normally use. It consists of one board and only one board. Below is an example of their idea known as model A. They are really cheap for a computer, one model Acosts £28 on amazon. It is normally used in schools to teach people about computing. There are two models, model A and model B. Model A is cheaper but model B has more on it.

To set up a media server you will need: a raspberry pi, a video cable (any will do), an SD card with atleast 8GB, a keyboard and mouse, an ethernet cable, an installer, a USB power supply, a fuctioning computer and a TV.

Step 1: insert your SD card into your computer. Windows: download the installer from a page with four options on it. Click I accept the license agreement and click install. Mac or Linux: you will need to run a few terminal commands. Mac users should go to http://www.xbmchub.com/blog/2012/11/02/installing-raspbmc-to-raspberry-pi-for-mac/.

Step 2: Hook your raspberry pi to your TV. This bit should be easy. Plug in the video cable to the TV, plug ethernet cable to your router (part of the pi), slot the SD card in to the pi, plug the USB power to the wall (socket) and leave it for 15-25 minutes. You should know when it's done by the fact it has fully installed.

Step 3: You should be done, if you don't like anything about it go into settings and change what you feel is necessary. Well done. Look below for anything your unsure of.

Big image

This is a model a version of a Raspberry pi.

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This is what it should look like if you are accepting the license agreement.

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This is what your Raspberry pi should look like.

If it doesn't then you have gone wrong somewhere.

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This is what the end page should look like.