Festival Comparison

By Korina Garcia

Here is the comparison of the The Renaissance Festival and Houston Academy International Studies.


Renaissance Festival

Friday, Oct. 11th 2013 at 9am to Saturday, Nov. 30th 2013 at 8pm

21778 Farm to Market 1774

Todd Mission, TX

HAIS Chinese Festival

Friday, Feb. 13th, 2:30pm

1810 Stuart Street

Houston, TX


In the Renaissance Festival, food there was more like common modern day food like turkey legs and regular soda. As for the New Years Festival at HAIS, there was a lot of Chinese food and various treats.


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At the Renaissance Festival, the surroundings were meant to look like as if you entered the Renaissance time period. As for HAIS, the place was covered all over with red to symbolized good luck for the New Years.

How Many Years Have They Been Doing This?

Texas Renaissance Festival- 41 years

HAIS Chinese New Years Festival- First year doing this


At the Renaissance Festival, there is various entertainments there, where it ranges from singers to performers who's performances were, at times very risky.
Knife Throwing Practice
As for the HAIS Chinese Festival, there was less performances compared to the Renaissance, where there was Lion dances and fan dances, and songs being sung in Chinese.
CNY 2013 ~ Acrobatic lion dance by Khuan Loke @ Tropicana City Mall