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Getting Started at Home!


Welcome to Imagine Language & Literacy at Home! You will find all of the information needed to get your child started on Imagine Language & Literacy in the tutorial below. Open up your Chrome browser and go to and follow the directions on this site.

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What happens next?

Imagine Language & Literacy will continue guiding students through literacy concepts that are just right for them. There are automatic built-in supports for each lesson which means you don't have to worry if they will get help. Yes they will!

How long do they work?

Students in PK-2 may need 15-30 minutes to complete a set of activities. Students in 3rd Grade+ may need from 30-45 minutes to complete a set of activities. Your child's teacher will have a time limit set in the program that is best for them. We recommend allowing students to work for a reasonable amount of time and then having them log out and take a break. All brains need a time to rest! Don't worry, however, the program will pick them back up where they left off the next time they log in. You will know their session has ended when you see the screen below.
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Literacy is all around you!

While digital instruction is a terrific tool for students we recommend that all students are well rounded in the tools they use to learn. At school teachers use a blend of technology and hands-on experiences so we hope you'll consider doing this at home as well! Get up! Get moving! Do some real world reading around your home!

Imagine Learning Customer Care

If you need support please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care Department!