Roman Travel Poster

Siham Mohamed


Do you want to make money at a young age? Come to Rome, you go to school until your 12-13 years old then you can go get a job. Girls could become dentists,real estate agents,tutors,or midwife. Boys could become soldiers,doctors,politicians,or lawyers.

Food and Drinks

You can have fancy diner party's with live music no one would tell you to turn that off.You can eat some really good food like sow pig udders,boiled flamingos,and roses for dessert.special appetizer are mice cooked in honey,roasted parrots stuffed with dates, salted jellyfish and snails dipped in milk.

Family Life

Hey you yes i'm talking to you do you want to get married at a young age? You can get married at the age of 13 so your marriage would last longer. You will love each other for longer.

I hope you want to come live in Rome because I just told you about all this amazing thing about Rome.Come now its the best place in the world!