by-aalyssa thomas and steven

3-5 sentences on summary

sweet charity is a broadway musical directed by bob fosse.its a musical based on fredrico fellinis night of carabia.the main character charity valentine tries to convince to all of her friends that charlie saved her.

2 songs that apeared in the musical

  • You should be yourself by-big spender
  • If my friends could see me now by-to many tomorrows

5 facts about the musical

  • The musical opened in the west in with 476 performances
  • After 2 weeks of dating charity doesn't tell Oscar what she does for a living
  • Oscar admits he can't handle what she does and decides not to marry her
  • An old dancer tells charity that she runs her heart like a hotel keeps people checking in and out
  • When charity and Oscar get stuck in the elevator charity tries to calm him down

3 facts about the musical we want the class to know

  • The musical was scheduled to play in Toronto but was later cancelled
  • Britney was offered Christina Applegate's place after her contract expired but declined
  • The show was nominated for 3 tony award

2 actors that apeared in the musical

  • Shirley Maclaine
  • John McMartin

awards or recognitions

  1. Christina Applegate-drama desk award- outstanding actress in a musical
  2. Wayne cilento-tony award - best choreography
  3. Irene sharaff-tony award - best costume award