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The North-Studio

Our studio sells and create great affordable art and music

Here at The North-Studio, we allow new and passionate artists explore and expand there talent and love for art and music.

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The grand opening

the open ceremony will consist of “fall out boy” and “Twenty one pilots” preforming and giving autographs, also helping people create and preform their little tunes. Me and a few local artists will help people create there picse of art( like air-brushed T’s, Jackets, Hoodis, ex.., and painting on posters or just creative drawing, like making a coloring book)food(looks like artwork), a special drawing for sound-cloud unlimited(free for one year)contests: who can draw the best or make the best music.


The North-Studio's grand opening

Monday, Feb. 29th, 1pm

616 E Street Fairbury, NE 68352 (402) 730-6239

Come and enjoy