2nd Grade:

Next week we will work on addition and subtractions word problems and prepare for our test. The test will cover addition and subtraction through 35 as well as graphing.

We will have a Math Rules next week.

3rd Grade:

Next week we will continue working with the properties of multiplication, focusing on the associative property and reviewing the commutative and distributive properties. The distributive property is the hardest, but the kids are really getting the hang of it.

Students will receive a Math Rules on Monday, 10/17. This will be due on Monday, 10/24.

Please remember to ask your child to see his/her Friday facts quiz which is given back each Monday.

4th Grade:

Next week we will focus on prime and composite numbers between 1 and 100 as well as patterns. Patterns will include shape, numerical, and within tables. We will continue to work with factors and multiples as well.

5th Grade:

Next week we will learn to identify the parts of an expression (we have already begun this) and use the properties of math to simplify expressions by combining like terms, including in word problems. Tentative date for test over expressions is Friday, 10/21 or Monday, 10/24.