Minerals are Good For You!

What is an important mineral for a helathy body!

Minerals and Vitamins

Minerals are very important to help keep your body running smoothly. Minerals are needed for stong bones and teeth. - Calcium is a mineral found in many foods like milk, whole grains and dark leafy vegtables. The body needs calcium to maintain strong bones and teeth.Iron is also an important mineral we need for a heathly body. Iron is another mineral that makes red blood cells and helps muscles store and use oxygen. Iron is found in meat and also in dark green leafy vegatbles. Its is important that we have enough iron in our diet so we don't feel week and tired.

Categories of Minerals

Minerals are divided into two categories, Macro and Micro. Macro means you need alot and Micro means you only need small amounts. Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are Maco-Minerals and iron, iodine,copper,zinc and floride are Micro minerals.


Vitamin C is needed for the fight against infection.

Vitamin A for good vision,hair and skin.

Vitamin K helps you to clot when you cut yourself.

Vitamin D helps build and maintain your bones and teeth.

Not Enough Vitamins what happens?

When you don't have enough of vitamin C you can have swollen and bleeding gums.

When you don't have enough vitamin K you can have bleeding and brusing.

When you don't have enough vitamin A you won't be able to see at night.

When you don't have enough vitamin D you bones might not be straight.