Adventures Galore @ McGregor

The Downhill Slide- 10 Days of Left on our Adventure

It is amazing to see what our students are creating in each of your classrooms. Below are just a few of the creations I have seen around the building.

I will be making the rounds next week to complete the required walk-through evaluation. Make sure you have taken a chance to look over the document I emailed you and put into your mailboxes.

I asked Ms. Mandy to save cardboard for you in case you need it for projects. The cardboard in the teachers lounge on the circle table is what she has collected for each of you so far. It's up for grabs.

I have uploaded documents related to returning summer school supplies in Canvas. Please look over that document so you have time to get things put together for our last day on June 26th.

Student safety update: Next week I will ask Mandy to open your door for you in the morning but then leave the doors locked. Since we do not all have keys we need to keep our doors locked all day and open with a wedge. If the all call goes out to go into lockdown all you need to do is pull the wedge out and let your door shut. Remember to shut off lights and move students to a location in your room that is the least visible from your door. Also, if you are outside and a lock down is requested please do not re enter the building. Move to the north playground away from the building and take attendance. It would be a good idea to start sending rosters for all 4 classes to recess if you are not already doing so.
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