November 1, 2013

Y'all Come...Writing and submitting your RBES Goals

Mark your calendar for November 11 to attend if you need help writing your RBES goals. Bring your laptop and the completed data sheet sent from Heather Bridges.

As a reminder, these goals are due by November 15.

Curriculum Carnival Reminders

A few reminders:

Students and siblings will receive their punch card as they arrive and should bring their card to any activities in your room.

Please have some system in place for marking punch cards in your room. Stickers, hole punch, X-ing or checking the box, or initialing the box work just fine.

Students can receive ONE punch/sticker/check per activity/classroom.

Students can receive one punch/sticker/check at the Science4Everyone program in the cafeteria.

Any kid with a card should receive a punch/sticker/check in the box of their card after completing an activity so they can receive ice cream and tattoos at the end of the evening.

Your grade level tip sheets will be delivered to your mailboxes next week and should be available for handout or parent pick up while they are in your classroom.

Students should be with their parents/guardian all evening. Any students seen wandering the halls need to be redirected back to their families.

Activities should begin at 6:30 and end at 8:00.

Physically Active Classrooms

I am currently reading a book by Steve Reifman called Rock It! Transform Classroom Learning with Movement, Songs, and Stories in which he explains the importance of physical movement in the regular classroom. There has been recent research indicating a correlation between physically active instructional strategies and improved academic achievement on standardized tests. Did we really need someone to conduct research to prove this? I think not.

How do you feel physically when you have to sit in a meeting for 6-7 hours? Likewise, kids need movement in order to stay alert and engaged. What ways can you add movement to your instructional strategies? One idea from Reifman's book is below. It's called PACE - a strategy to gain the attention of students. He suggests ideas for incorporating movement in every content area as well as songs and stories. Try it and see what you think...can't hurt.

Big image

Staff Meeting - November 12


1) Long-term Care Insurance Rep

2) Targeted School Info from assistant superintendent

Continuous Quality Improvement Model - How will this look at MPES?

Common Formative and Summative Assessments

Classworks implementation

Review of Gifted Classes

3) Staff Perception Survey

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