The History of Aggie Football

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by: Ken Rappoport

Basic Information

People love college football. The Aggies are a great team and fans love them. This book gives a brief description of the Aggie football team.

History/ Background Information

When it comes to college football, the Texas A&M Aggies have a history that goes back to 1894. In 1894, Coach F.D. Perkins started the Aggies football team. This book highlights some of the important things about Aggie football, which include The "12th Man" and the Red-Hot Rivalry.

Why This Topic Is Important To Me

This book is important to me because my dad graduated from Texas A&M University, and we enjoy watching the Aggies play football.

Main Points

This book highlights 5 main historical moments in Aggie football.

  1. Big 12 Shootout - The Aggies needed a hero in 1998. They were losing by 15 points, and their quarterback was sidelined by an injury. They had to put in the backup quarterback who was not playing so well. Later in the game, the backup quarterback was playing great. They won the game by 3 points and went on to play in the Sugar Bowl.
  2. The "12th Man" - E.K. Gill was a former Aggie player who was called to the sidelines during a game to put on a uniform and be ready to enter the game. He didn't have to play, but the "12th Man" tradition began. The 12th man is a player on the team that is on the sidelines always ready to get on the field and play.
  3. National Champions - In 1939, the Aggies won their first and only national championship, lead by Coach Homer Norton and fullback John Kimbrough.
  4. Red-Hot Rivalry - The rivalry between A&M Aggies and The Texas Longhorns has gone on for over 100 years, and is one of the biggest rivalries in college football. Part of the tradition was to build a big bonfire the week of the game. Sadly, in 1999, the bonfire crashed and killed 12 students.
  5. Bowl Season - From 1989 to 2000, Coach R.C. Slocum lead the Aggies to 10 bowl games. After he was fired, several other coaches led the Aggies through a few successful seasons. In 2012, the Aggies left the Big 12 for the Southeastern conference, ending their long rivalry with the Texas Longhorns.