My Virtual Resume

By: Jugjot Sangha

Academic SMART Goal

S- I want to get a 91 average in English by the end of this semester. To achieve this goal I am going to have to give up some things I enjoy doing on my free time to work on this goal. It may take some hard work, but if I take the time out for it I know I will succeed.

M- I can keep track of my goal by making sure whenever there is a test or a quiz that I am well prepared before hand. As, long as all my assignment results are above 91% I will be able to accomplish my goal.

A- I will have to take some small actions such as giving up my free time to make sure I have all my english homework done and to study for any upcoming tests. My weakness is remembering things so I can help myself by using simple things such as flashcards to help me out.

R- This goal is realistic and doable because as long as I take the extra time to review for my english exams this goal should not be a problem. I will not have to worry about completing projects because I know I am always on track and aware of getting those done on time.

T- I want to get into the habit of studying for my tests before hand so I can be prepared when it comes to completing the test. My goal should be completed by the end of this semester when I get my grades. This goal will not only help me this semester but also in the future because I will be in the habit of studying for any exam I have.

Volunteering SMART Goal

S- By the end of my 11th grade year I would like to volunteer a total of 60 hours at a hospital or any clinic. This goal will help me prepare for my future job of being a doctor. It will help me because I will be aware of the environment at a clinic and get to learn new things by acquiring knowledge.

M- I can track my goal by making sure that every weekend I get a total of at least 3 hours. If I complete three hours a weekend by the end of the year I will be far over my goal and excel. This may require me having to give up some of my time, but if I stayed focused I will be able to accomplish this goal.

A- I will accomplish this goal by finishing other work I have to do on the weekend ahead of time. I may not be able to have lots of spare time to do things I prefer, but at the end it will be worth it.

R- I can achieve this goal because I am good at not breaking a routine and not giving up. My only weakness will be managing to get everything else done and volunteering at the same time. Although I am positive that if I step up and take advantage of extra time I can manage to get everything done.

T- This goal will take me until next year to accomplish, or maybe if I do more hours I can even accomplish it before then. After a month of doing volunteer work I will get in the habit and after that it will not be a problem for me.

Jugjot Sangha


38 Showboat

Brampton, Ontario

L6V 4R5

(647) 403-2223


I am Passionate about independent work and look for a company that needs a leader to assist others.


Louise Arbour Secondary School

High School Diploma


Basketball Team

 We won the basketball championship and placed

first in the City.



Church Volunteer


 Able to use Technology efficiently, software's

include, PowerPoint, Prezi, Microsoft Word.


Placed 2nd in the Math Tournament September 2012

Honor Roll September 2012

Brampton , Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

March 2014 - January 2015

Brampton , Ontario

February 2016 - March 2016


Principals Award March 2013


 Swimming  Soccer

 Basketball


Paul Brar , Volunteer Supervisor , (647) 905-2223,

Registered Nurses have to deal with different viruses and germs. How would one deal with making sure they stay healthy and don’t get sick?

In able to maintain a healthy body system and get your job done as a RN you should take many precautions when doing your work. Many doctors advice you to never put your hands in your mouth because of germs that can cause an infection. Many nurses enjoy drinking wine after long days, but doctors say they do not realize the downside which is the efficiency of white blood cells doing their job. Other things you can do to avoid viruses and colds are wash your hands efficiently and properly, wear gloves as much as possible, and always make sure your vaccinations are up to date. Many people claim that vaccinations are not effective, but Joel Blass a Medical Director says, "Even if it's totally not on the mark, you're still protecting yourself against three viruses that could already be out there."

As a RN you might witness tragic situations and sometimes even death of a patient. How would recover from such a horrible incident?

In able to maintain this job you must be strong and be able to recover from situations that might be severe. You must be able to put incidents that happened in your life past you and focus on tasks you have to complete. As a RN if you can not control your emotions the job might not be for you because you have to remember your actions affect your surroundings and that is your patients. In order to recover from these incidents you need to be committed that you will not give up and be strong to get a chance to help the other patients out. Witnessing these incidents can lead to problems that affect your life so you must be able to make sure do not put pressure on yourself.

Registered Nurses have to be able to have a flexible schedule and come in on holidays and work different shifts. How would one be able to work out a flexible schedule?

As a Registered Nurse you may have some tough days at work. Although days are tough you still need to prepared to come in to work extra hours if needed. Many times hospitals are short nurses and have to immediately call more in. Many people enjoy taking days off during holidays and spending time with their family. As a RN you may need to also give up your holidays and help patients out if needed. Working long and hard hours is common when getting this job. You must be a person that has a positive attitude towards coming in at times that you may not be as willing to come in during.

As a Registered Nurse you must have the skills to work with different kinds of patients. Sometimes patients will be nice and kind and sometimes not. How would one work with patients that may not be so nice?

As a RN you are required to have many different skill sets and apply them when necessary at work. Some skills can be simple to many while other skills can be quite difficult. Working with patients requires you to have a good attitude and speak friendly at all times. When working with upset patients you need to remember to stay calm and not lose control. Always remember that it is your job to help them thrive in their life so arguing with them would not help anyone. As a Registered Nurse you must always look at situations in the long run to see what benefits you will get. And remember it is up to you to help save a life.