MGSD Online Academy

Inspiring minds through Global Studies and STEAM

Vision and Mission


To create a community of online learners using a holistic approach, an international mindset and exposure to science, mathematics, engineering, arts and technology.


MGSD Online Academy will blend all aspects of learning so that students can see the relationships between their learning and the communities and world around them. We strive to create a community of compassionate learners that understand the perspectives of others and their contribution to the world around them.


With key focus on identified power standards, our program will immerse students in interdisciplinary units that will bring together a focus on world cultures, history, geography and STEAM combining both traditional instructional strategies and inquiry based learning. In combination with these themes our students will receive high quality instruction in reading and math. In reading, students in the early grades will focus on the foundational reading skills needed to be successful, independent readers. All students will also be exposed to shared reading, interactive read alouds and small literacy groups to meet the individual needs of our students. In math, number sense will be built using number talks and hands on manipulatives combined with real world application and thematic related problems.

Materials and Resources

Students in MOA will use a combination of digital and print resources. These resources will align with what other schools in MGSD use but will be carefully selected to match our program, goals and virtual environment. MOA is strongly committed to having both digital and hard copy reading materials for our students. We will have a lending library located at our home base site for students to select independent reading materials. Finally, there will be a pick up schedule each month where parents will pick up materials tailored to their students individual learning needs including books, materials for our STEAM projects, science kits and hands on math tools.

What additional programs are offered?

The academy will offer guidance clubs and services and as well as offer Art, Music and PE classes.

We will begin each day with a morning meeting geared at providing important social and emotional lessons and community building activities. We will also host a variety of daily clubs both in and outside of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) theme.

The program will also provide comprehensive services for Exceptional Children, English Language Learners and Academically Intellectually Gifted.

What role does Global Studies and STEAM play in the program?

Each day, students will select from a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics club that they are passionate about. Each week, partnering with schools around the world our students will be exposed to virtual field trips and events covering themes such as conservation, biodiversity, women in science, space exploration, ecosystems, technology and more. Finally, students will have at least one weekly hands on experience that challenges them to apply their knowledge.


MOA creates a true partnership between parent and student learning. In order to support all of our students as learners we have tiered communication including:
Weekly School News (Sample)

Weekly Grade Level News (Sample)

4.5 week academic reports

Parent Conferences offered in fall/spring and as needed.

A Community of Learners

The program will offer many opportunities for families to engage in our digital community as well as develop in person friendships. This will include virtual family game nights and dances in addition to in person meet ups at local parks and playgrounds for science labs, games and crafts. We will also partner with other MGSD schools for field trips. Finally, we are committed to serving our our community through service project opportunities for both students and families.
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Registration Information

Any student who resides within MGSD boundaries may register for the online academy. If you are currently a family that homeschools or attends another school and are interested in the academy please use this link to check if you live within MGSD boundaries.

The commitment to the program is for the entire 2021-2022 year. If you are enrolled in the MOA, your slot is guaranteed for the following year. You may not transfer back to your home school until the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

*Note: Registration for existing MGSD families took place from April 1 to April 30th 2021.

If you are new to MGSD and have interest in the program please contact our principal, Meghan McGrath @

MGSD K-6 Online Academy

MOA Leadership

Mrs. McGrath, serves as the principal of the K-6 MGSD Online Academy. Before leading MOA, she was the principal at East Mooresville Intermediate School for six years and previously served as an instructional coach at Mooresville Middle School and Hillsborough County Schools.

Mrs. McGrath can be reached for any questions or assistance at: