The Final Battle!

By: Ethan Hughes

It all started when Cronus heard the prophecy about one of his children overthrowing him. Hearing this, he swallowed every single one of his children when they were born. But one was saved, and that one was Zeus.

When Zeus was a young child, Rhea, who is the titan mother of all gods, saved him from Cronus. She kept Zeus, and helped him grow up. Eventually, when Zeus grew up, he forced Cronus to give up his offspring that he had swallowed many years ago. This led the Olympians into war against the titans at Olympus. For a while it was an equal fight. It had been 1095 days or 3 mortal years. The Olympians thought they had been winning the battle, but it was all part of the titan’s plan.

When the titan god Cronus, saw that the gods were tired, he ordered his army to use all the power, strength, and force they had left to beat them. The gods kept getting weaker and weaker, but the titans kept fighting. One after another, the gods were sent to Tartarus. It came down to Zeus and Hades. A titan came and struck Hades in the heart. Zeus threw a lightning bolt with the last of his power at the titan and killed him. The titan was lying on the ground next to Zeus with the bolt still in him. Zeus was the only one left.

Zeus fell to his knees and looked up at his father. “Why father”, he said, “Can’t you spare your own sons life?”

“I cannot risk getting overthrown by my own son!” Cronus replied.

Then, Zeus with one last gasp of air told his father, “I love you”, and Cronus grabbed the lightning bolt out of the titan’s chest and put it through Zeus’s heart. Olympus fell and so did everyone on Earth with it.

Looking back, Cronus realized maybe he didn’t have to go to war, or swallow his children. The whole time, he was only thinking about the prophecy and nothing else. All that ended up happening was him losing his children.