The journey

Avery Buster

On a cold winter day the famous turtle Tilly was boarding here plane. Tilly was stuck up and thought she was superior to everyone else around her. When Tilly was ready to go they took off. On the plane was the flight attendant, pilot and some other dude who begged to get on the plane so he would be able to make it home to his family.

When Tilly woke up she was not in the plane but somewhere wear everything was bright white and it was very cold. She felt like her head was wet and felt it when she brought her hand back down to examine the liquid she saw that it was red. Blood she thought and immediately felt scared. Were was she why, was she bleeding. she screamed out to the frigid air help, but there was no one. Once she stared to look around she found the wreckage of her plane and three bodies tangled in the clutter of the plane. There was no one there to save her. She was stuck in a mountain to starve or freeze to death. If only she was prepared she thought looking at her plane.

moral: always be prepared