House Crickets

Madisyn J

Life cycle

Crickets are egg for 1-2 weeks. Then the crickets are a nymph for 2 weeks.Finley Crickets are adults for 4-7 month.
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Crickets have three mane body prats head, thorax and abdomen. Cricket have too antenna a Circe. wings to sing and find a mate.Crickets have compound eyes.
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Different Species of crickets

Mole crickets live under ground.Tree crickets live in trees.House crickets live in homes.Stone crickets live in California.Field crickets live in fields .

Interesting Facts

In many parts of the world, crickets are thought to bring good luck.There are about 900 species of crickets worldwide.Cricket are bad luck to kill.Crickets are relaid to Grasshopper.Cricket are relaid to katydids
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