St Mary's School

Thursday 19th May 2022

'Put your whole confidence in God' - Catherine McAuley

Dear whānau,

We enjoyed our second event of the year where we were able to have parents and friends of the school join us. Thank you to everyone who came and supported our children in their cross country yesterday. We were very lucky to get such a warm and dry day to run it. All the kids, no matter how big or small, showed our value of faith and 'put their whole confidence in God', not giving up when it got tough. There was smiles for miles, it made for a great vibe! Ka pai kids, we're all very proud of you and the effort you put into your training and also the event. Also a big thank you to our parent helpers who gave up their time to stand out on the track and ensure we didn't lose any kids - we really appreciate it. Check out the cuties below heading to the Showgrounds for their first St Mary's Cross Country, even Reid was into it and he was only in for a school visit, what a wee goer (there are more photos on Facebook).

A reminder that next Sunday (29th May) is our first whole school Mass. We have one of these per term. Children are asked to come in their school uniform and meet their teacher in the school quad at 9.45am, we will then head over to the church as a school. Remember, the church is the reason our school exists and therefore, your presence would be very much valued. We look forward to seeing you there.

God bless,


Acting Principal

Welcome to St Mary's Reuben Moriarty. Happy school days mate!

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Cross Country Results 2022

Top 6

Pukeko and Kereru

Charlie O'Neill, Xavier Robinson, Ryan Saj Tom, Max Copland, Ollie Braithwaite, Reuben Moriarty

Ruby Bonnar, Reese Abernethy, Ayla Muir, Caitlin Fenix, Khalee Robinson, Harpur Holland-Williams

Tui and Kea

Cooper Ross, Hamish Christie, Brayden Scott, Harrison Pope, Lachie Moore, Nikolai Rarere and Theo Muir (6th =)

Annie Saunders, Stella Cruickshank, Mikayla Brensell, Ivy Mulqueen, Charlotte Copland, Florence Paterson

Years 3 and 4

Henry Howden, Preston Byars, William Drummond, Jake Winship, Thomas O'Neill, Hayden Muller

Hannah Hunt, Ruby Friend, Pixie Wilson, Meah Paewai, Hollie Deuchrass, Sophie Kubala

Years 5 and 6

Moss Wilson, Zavier Hansen, Mason Chittock, James Deuchrass, Drake Newton, Mason Wootten

Mia Wilkins, Kate Wilson, Lucie Drummond, Libby Richardson, Sophie Smit, Tilly Wilson

Top 6 in Eastern Age Groups (all eligible to compete at Eastern)

10 year old boys - Mason Chittock, Mason Wootten, Ryan Stevenson, Malakai McRae, Milo Goater, Leo Chamberlain

11 year old boys - Moss Wilson, Zavier Hansen, James Deuchrass, Drake Newton, Lee Kubala, Detroit Bryan

10 year old girls - Mia Wilkins, Lucie Drummond, Sophie Smit, Ruby Cruickshank, Lily Wiegersma, Georgina Gray

11 year old girls - Kate Wilson, Tilly Wilson, Holly Argyle, Heidi Byars, Brianna Moriarty-Kelly, Mia Brock

Winners of the Pearce Family Trophy

Mia Wilkins and Moss Wilson

Eastern Cross Country - Wednesday 8th June

Please note it is only 10 and 11 year olds (as at 31st Dec 2022) that are eligible to go to Eastern. If your child has qualified, they will receive more information next week.

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Illustrated Dictionaries

Look at the those smiles! Jimmy, Ali, Pixie, Ruby, Mitch, Cecelia, Hannah and Jake are stoked with the surprise they got this week. Our lovely year 4 students were generously all given a brand new illustrated dictionary from the Rotary Club of Gore. Trust me, they're far more user friendly than the old Oxford ones we had to use. Thanks Rotary!
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Where in the world is Annie Nelson?

The countdown is OVER!

After visiting family (including Tony's) in lots of cool places around the world, Annie and Alice are now officially in London. Annie was incredibly lucky to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend an afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace today to finally celebrate with her sister, Kate who has won herself an OBE (Order of the British Empire award). Who would have thought Annie would be asked up to the famous balcony? I don't know how keen Charles is about it.

No but really, while Her Majesty The Queen was too ill to make the occasion, we were sent a pretty cool photo of The Duchess of Cambridge and a sneak peek of the royal garden - mind officially blown!

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John Parson - Cybersafety

Last week I shared with you all a link from John Parsons called 'bedroom, bathroom, pajamas'

This week's clip is about dealing with anti social behaviour online. Either click the link below, or this one if it is playing

John Parsons: S2E - How to Deal with Anti-social Behavior Online - John Parsons | Facebook
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Upcoming events

Week 3

Gospel and prayers - Room Takahe

Monday - Kieva, Albion Excelsior Rugby Ambassador, in for rugby skills

Wednesday - whole school cross country - Gore A&P Showgrounds - 12pm start

Week 4

Gospel and prayers - Room Kea

Monday and Tuesday - Rose from Active Southland in - teaching Tapa Ae and Ki-o-Rahi

Tuesday - Home and School Meeting, Staffroom - 7pm

Sunday - whole school Mass - 9.45am in the school quad

Week 5

Gospel and prayers - Room Kereru

Tuesday and Wednesday - Sarah, Sports Activator

Wednesday - Year 5 and 6 Rippa Rugby Tournament - Invercargill

Week 6

Gospel and prayers - Room Moa

Monday - Queen's Birthday

Tuesday and Wednesday - Teacher Only Days

Wednesday - Eastern Cross Country - Waimumu

Thursday and Friday - Swimming (Pukeko, Kereru, Tui, Kea, Ruru and Piwakawaka)

Week 7

Gospel and prayers - Room Piwakawaka

Monday - Wednesday - Swimming (Pukeko, Kereru, Tui, Kea, Ruru and Piwakawaka)

Thursday and Friday - Swimming (Moa, Takahe, Kiwi)

Week 8

Gospel and prayers - Room Tui

Monday - Wednesday - Swimming (Moa, Takahe, Kiwi)