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CS Modules in the Library: Teknologia Project Highlight

Computer Science and libraries go together like peanut butter and jelly. Join a group of elementary librarians to explore the engaging, accessible, and equitable curriculum that's ready to be implemented in your classroom or in partnership with your elementary librarian. Click here to register in Frontline.

Google Workspace for Education Updates

Can’t keep pace with current and future updates to Google workspace? This 4 minute video will help catch you up on the exciting updates that support teaching and learning.
EDU in 90: Learning with Google
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New Items in the Library of Things!

Check out some new tools in the Library of Things! We’ve just received the NEW Micro:bit V2, Birdbrain Finch 2, and Ozobot’s 1:1 Hybrid kits (curriculum included for grades 2-8).

New Interim Coordinator of Cooperative Enrichment!

Diane Bennett has joined the RSS Team as the Interim Coordinator of Cooperative Enrichment. As a retired BOCES Director of Special Education, Diane is well versed in the BOCES focus, purpose and operations. She has served as an Interim in a variety of roles at TST BOCES and is excited to return to TST in a new role as a member of the Reginal School Success team.

Click the button below to see how you can apply to be the next Coordinator of Cooperative Enrichment for TST BOCES! You can view the job description here.

Interested in joining our team? Click here!

We are looking for a Coordinator of Cooperative Enrichment. The application is open until April 23, 2021.

Google Student Training Videos

Click here for video tutorials created by Maria Arfanakis that support Google Classroom, Slides, Docs, Chromebooks & More!

Creative Brain Breaks with Blob Opera!

Blob Opera is a Google Arts & Culture experiment that lets users get creative with some unique singing blobs.

Using Habits of Mind to Encourage Students to Develop Resilience

A framework called Habits of Mind can help students improve their ability to recover from frustrations and get back to learning!

Hyperdocs for Remote Learning

The best HyperDocs are interactive and engage students in classroom content through the 4 Cs of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Click here for templates & lesson ideas.

April is Autism Awareness Month

The Puzzle Piece Project from Autism Speaks is a free download with k-12 activities designed to help teach the understanding and acceptance of individuals with autism.

Understanding Autism

In this session, participants will discuss some common characteristics of Individuals with Autism and strategies for creating an inclusive classroom environment. Click to Register for AM & PM Sessions on April 2, 2021.

Onward into April

Join us for just 15 minutes as we use Elena Aguilar's work to discuss ways we can all plant the seeds of patience, perseverance, and courage in our lives and our classrooms moving forward renewed and refreshed ourselves.

The Best New Young Adult Books K-12

Kathleen Odean returns to TST BOCES with The Best New Young Adult Books K-12 for 2021. Be sure to sign up for all 3 online sessions in MLP: All workshops will take place from 10:00 am - 11:30 am and will be recorded. Recordings will be made available to workshop registrants only.

Tuesday, April 27th - Best Middle School Fiction - Grades 6-8

Wednesday, April 28th - Best High School Fiction - Grades 9-12

Thursday, April 29th - Best Nonfiction & Poetry - Grades 6-12

From CARD: Annual Statewide Autism Conference

Our annual statewide conference will take place on Thursday, April 15, and Friday, April 16, 2021. The conference consists of four live stream sessions over two days. Registration is available for each session.

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