April 8, 2016

Welcome to Deer Creek Christian School's Principal Post

A Mission Minded Move

What a week! I'm thinking many of us will remember these days for quite some time.

In 1984 Deer Creek Christian Preschool was founded by Deer Creek Christian Church. Over the next eight years, the preschool continued to grow and a kindergarten classroom was added in 1993. The first 8th grade class graduated in 1998. Now, 18 years later, another era begins with Dreaming Big. Deer Creek Christian School relocates. It's a move that is bittersweet for some while the physical building holds many dear memories and we are blessed to transition in a way that enhances each of our strategic goals.

This week has been a lot of 'E' words: Exciting, Emotional, Exhaustive, Exotic (...like something outside of your normal comfort zone). OK, I'm done.

I'm so proud to serve alongside a staff who embraces change, even when it's scary. The reason we know this move will be a wild success is because our team is committed to the mission of Deer Creek and we can dream big because we serve an awesome God.

We're in mission...together.

Want to get another look at our new campus? Ohhhh yeah.

Check out these great pictures! (photo credit: Rachel Verwolf)

Great Things at DCCS This Week

  • Mrs. Galloy has returned from maternity leave! Great to have you back, Erica. BIG thanks to Mrs. Chambers for serving as a long-term sub on top of her MS Math appointment.
  • We met our schoolwide goal for Observant Behavior - 223 paws! Thanks for seeking PAWSitive behavior, staff. Let's go for 215 paws for Accountable Behavior during the month of April!
  • Our 5th/6th grade Peacekeepers started leading the younger students during recess to help with conflict resolution.
  • Another goofy minute-to-win-it. Students collecting exponential data in Honors Algebra. Check out the clip!
  • 2nd graders read their animal research books (w/ illustrations!) to our kindergartners! This was a beautiful thing. Great to see teachers in different grade levels finding ways to collaborate to enhance student learning.
  • K4 is gearing up for a caterpillar study! Students are SUPER excited.
  • Mrs. Natale hung our prayer towels up in the TL. Whenever you feel like 'throwing in the towel', one of our colleagues will pray for you. Great idea, Nanci! Thank you.
  • Almost our entire staff took a tour of the new facility. Dreaming Big!
  • New Extended Care Staff: Kelly (PM) and Juanita (AM). Great to have you on board!

What other great things have you experienced this week? Please share!

On The Docket

Monday, April 11

Tuesday, April 12

  • Faculty Devotions @ 8:00a
  • Battle of the Books: 6-8th Grades
  • Fine Arts Fair: Performance run-throughs with Mrs. Camilleri from 3-4:30p

Wednesday, April 13

  • Chess Club: 3:15-4:15p in room 400
  • All School Presentation @ DCCS @ 7:00p. Teachers please come!

Thursday, April 14 - FINE ARTS DAY!

  • Lower Chapel at 9:00a, Upper Chapel at 2:20p
  • 7-8th Math Competition at Trinity Chr. College
  • Fine Arts Fair: 6:00p

Friday, April 15
  • Pizza Day
  • All School (catered) Social @ our New Campus! Open House from 6-8p. Teachers, please attend!


Friday, April 22 is Grandparent's Day (11:30a Dismissal) - Please note this important detail for G-day: We will have a whole school chapel from 9:00a-10a. We will then welcome all grandparents to join their student(s) in class for the remainder of the school day. One teacher, Cheryl H., submitted an excellent idea for Grandparents Day to the Teachers.Net lesson bank. She suggests creating two quizzes -- one for the grandparents and one for your students. On the students' quiz, include questions about terminology from the past. Have your students help you make the grandparents' quiz about terminology from today. Pass out the quizzes on the day of the visit, and discuss the differences in language between the age groups. The answers will keep you in stitches!

April 26-29 - We will be administering Terra Nova standardized tests.

Friday, May 6 - Faculty Inservice Day

May 9-13 - MAP Testing in Mathematics

May 16-20 -MAP Testing in Reading

Classroom Design (with today's students in mind!)

Please view/read the following articles/photos to inspire thoughts RE classroom design. With our big move, it's important that we de-clutter (let go of unnecessary "stuff") and simplify. Let's create learning spaces where students will collaborate, practice critical thinking, creativity and communicate in a variety of ways. You can even play "classroom architect", if you'd like.

What I'm Reading

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Have a great weekend, team!