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Newsletter | July 25th, 2014

Chris's Corner

Chris Matatall

Chief Operations Officer

The summer has officially arrived! And as is always the case, our clients are asking us to do more. Install more customers, train more techs, send more reports, and to work more days. Intec continues to grow by adding markets, but even more importantly, by growing our current markets. We are doing this with your help, and we can't continue to grow without it. Keep bringing new recruits into the organization. Heath benefits, 401K, long term markets, it’s not a job, it’s a career!

Intec has the best and most experienced management team in the industry, to keep moving forward we need to continue to add to our Management team. Never believe you have reached your potential or let someone tell you the grass is greener somewhere else. You haven’t and it’s not. The cream always rises to the top, and we need you. We need your talent, we need your expertise, and we need your ambition. Employees looking to advance themselves, don’t take a backseat to anyone, go to your Supervisor/Manager/Director and let them know. If you want to throw your hat in the ring you can also send an email to

Be safe and try to stay cool out there, I appreciate each and every one of you that help make Intec so successful.

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American Independence Day

On July 4th,1776, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. This most American of holidays is marked with red, white and blue flags, fireworks, parades and backyard barbecues across the country

  1. Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey to be the national bird but was outvoted by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who chose the bald eagle, a bird of prey native only to North America, as the official bird of the United States of America.
  2. The 4th of July and barbecues go hand-in-hand, so it's probably no surprise that over an estimated 150 million hot dogs are consumed in the United States each Independence Day.

  3. The 13 stars on the American flag were arranged in a circle to represent equality between the original thirteen colonies. Although there were several versions of the early flag, including one with the stars arranged in vertical lines, the "Betsy Ross flag," which depicts the stars in a circle, was the most popular.

  4. Although the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence has been celebrated since 1777, the 4th of July was not declared a national holiday until 1941. The 4th of July wasn't referred to as Independence Day until 1791.

  5. Denmark, England, Norway, Portugal and Sweden celebrate American Independence Day because thousands emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s. Other European countries, like England, Portugal and Sweden, hold celebrations near American military bases and or spots frequented by American tourists to boost travel during early July.

  6. It might not be a treasure map as Nicholas Cage’s character claims in “National Treasure,” but there is apparently a message written upside down at the bottom of the signed document: “Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July 1776.” It’s not known who wrote it or when. Since parchment was usually rolled up during the Revolutionary War years, it’s thought this memo served as a label.

Dena Smith - July 2014 Employee of the Month!

Intec Communications, LLC is proud to announce Dena Smith as June 2014 Employee of the month.

Dena Smith, Security Manager Houston, runs the most productive (by tech) department in the company. When she took over the department in July of last year, it was a mess. Today the Intec Houston Security Department is recognized as the best Xfinity group in the country, not just by us but by Comcast personnel nationally.

On behalf of the entire Intec family we would like to thank you and congratulate you on receiving this award. Your proven hard work and dedication to Intec is invaluable, and you truly embody the characteristics of Intec Employee of the Month.

Please see the photo to the right as an example of Dena going above and beyond her job description. A Technician said a job was impossible due to no access, but no job is impossible for Dena! Scaling a fence, climbing through bushes and taming a guard dog, Dena shows that with a little courage and ingenuity all jobs are possible.

Nominate the person you think deserves to be the Intec's August 2014 Employee of the month below. Look out for the next newsletter to see who will be awarded August 2014 Employee of the month!

Employee Anniversaries

Please join us in celebrating the following employees with July anniversaries:

  • Chieu Le - 1 Year with Houston Security Team

  • Deborah Berthiaume - 1 Year with Corporate Team

  • Raenique Jackson - 1 Year with Atlanta Team

  • Clarence Sereboo - 1 Year with Atlanta Team

  • Dorsey Gary II - 1 Year with Atlanta Team

  • Tyler Hicks - 1 Year the Director of Operations Atlanta

  • John Mercado - 2 Years now Victoria Team

  • Chayne Polius - 2 Years with Houston Security Team

  • Michael Bynum - 5 Years with Houston Team

  • An Pham - 5 Years with Houston Team

Thank you for your countless hours of hard work and loyalty to Intec

Richard Bullock

Recognized by Comcast as the Number One Tech in the region on KPI!

Congratulations Richard - Keep up the great work!

Safe Driving Practices

How many times have you shrugged off a near miss? Never give it a second thought? Next time, think twice. The difference between a near miss and an accident often is a fraction of a second or an inch. And if it happens, that difference may not be there.

You never know when the serious injury is next. One study shows that for every 330 incidents of the same type, 300 produce no injuries, 29 produce minor injuries and one produces a major injury. The problem is we never know which time the major one will occur. Near misses are warnings. If you witness a near miss or uncontrolled situation, heed the warnings and look for causes to prevent and eliminate injury and damage.

More people are killed or injured in motor vehicle accidents than in any other way, both on and off the job.

Here are a few statistics:

- Motor vehicles accidents account for half of all accidental deaths in the USA

- On Average 80 people are killed on US roads each day

- There were 35,244 deaths in 2013

- Percent of Traffic Fatalities that Involve the Following:

  • Drunk Driving 32 %
  • Speeding 31 %
  • Distraction 16 %
  • Bad Weather 11 %

- Average number of non-fatal car crashes each year is 5,400,000

- The estimated cost of motor vehicle deaths, injuries and property damage in 2013 was $267.5 billion

We can assume that most of the people killed or injured in motor vehicle accidents knew how to drive, yet that did not prevent the worst from happening.

What you can do to prevent accidents?:

  • First and foremost use your seat belt. It's the law and it's common sense.

  • Driving is a skill, so don't take it for granted or decide that things like speed limits and red lights are only for other people.

  • Maintain a safe following distance. Following vehicles too closely is the primary cause of rear end collisions. Failure to maintain a safe following distance is the leading cause of Intec employee automobile accidents this year.

  • Drive in the right lane or on job site yield right of way to other vehicles or delivery vehicles.

  • Find a safe place to pull off of the road or come to a complete stop to place calls and send/receive texts.

  • Do not drink and drive.

  • Be cautious after dark, most accidents occur at night.

  • Use common sense and abide by all motor vehicle laws.
Click here to see June 11th, 2014 Newsletter!

Here you will find information on; 401k, Gas Reimbursement Policy, Health benefits, Toll Tag Policy and much more!

Employee of the Month Nominations

The purpose of Intec’s Employee of the Month program is to honor outstanding Intec employees who embody Intec’s standards for excellence and go above and beyond their job description.

What employee of the month looks like:

  • This individual’s efforts have inspired and supported the performance and achievements of others.
  • This employee is punctual and dependable.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers, and customers, and services as a role model for others.
  • Commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities and is an asset to Intec Communications.
  • A willingness to exercise leadership, take initiative, and accept and carry out additional responsibilities beyond the regular job assignments for the good of the company as a whole.

Please submit your nominations for Employee of the Month by completing the form below. The winner will be included in the next newsletter.

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