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Hello, we are Ed and Lili and we are newly married and incredibly happy about it.

We met each other 2 years ago and Lili was the one to take the first step. I was so shy at that time I could not believe such a wonderful woman would even want to date me. My low self esteem and lack of self confidence prevented me from being able to express myself without great difficulty.

Lucky I found Lili and she helped me to believe in myself and believe I was worth it.

We started this website to help other young people find their love, like we have and gain confidence to be able to enjoy their life and love to the fullest. We believe everyone deserve to be as happy as we are.

So how are we doing this?

We offer one on one personal consulting services, (a request is necessary to book for a quote) including but not limited to; dating advice, male and female enhancement advice, better sex and love advice, as well as help for those recovering from divorce or a broken relationship.

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