DL-Final Exam

By:Cicero Bunag

Digital Footprint

A Digital Footprint is the things you have done on the internet and social networking websites, It can later affect your future weather it is positive or negative things but as high school student it's better to have a positive footprint, It can also help you in the future to get a job or get in to a good collage.

My Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint consists of:
  • Facebook
  • Blogger
  • Twitter


Facebook is used for different reason such as, posting pictures, videos and life events going on but for me I used Facebook to tell people to wear pink to support breast cancer awareness for a project where you had to make a campaign about an important event going on in our school. I chose Breast Cancer Awareness.


Blogger is used to share recipes,show picture they took or just express their feelings.I used Blogger to reflect on my 20% project and to tell people how it takes time to learn something completely new and that something for me was to learn how an Architecture works.


Twitter is used to just share basic things such as share picture,look at the news,and follow their favorite celebrities.I used Twitter a little differently.I used twitter to also tell people to wear pink to support breast cancer awareness. Twitting to people who can help me with my 20% project and tagging people to my tweets.

Positive and Negative impacts

Positive Impacts:

  • Putting awareness
  • People knowing I care about Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Architectures can contact me
  • Collages for Architectures knows I'm interested in that field of work

Negative Impacts

  • There is nothing negative about my Digital footprint I just tweet and post things that I want people to see.

Improving my Digital Footprint

Things I can to improve my Footprint:

  • Tweet about Architecture
  • Post about my Basketball game
  • Tweet to come to the Varsity games
  • Tweet to Architectural collages
  • Post copies of my blueprints

Most Important Lesson learned

Things that I learned about maintaining a good digital footprint was that you should always tweet and post things that are going on in your school that involves things that you are interested in the future, for me it was Architecture and Basketball.