The Prugh Crew

Week of October 28th

Learning Targets

Spelling and Grammar

not, some, look, all, had, they, as, out, went, were

Grammar: nouns & adjectives

Word Family: -ot word family

Practice on "Spelling City"

Reading and Writing

We will finish reading The Wizard of Oz. This week's lessons focus on vocabulary development and how to include conversations in our writing.


We will be learning how to solve word problems involving joining, separating, and comparing sets within 20 with unknowns as any one of the terms in the problem.

This week will focus on "join change unknown"

For example: 8 + ? = 17

I had 8 pieces of candy. My sister gave me some more. Now I have 17 pieces of candy. How many did my sister give to me?

9 + ? = 16

I found 16 spiders hiding in the garage. 9 were black and the rest were brown. How many were brown?

Science/Social Studies

We will learn about about the different rock sizes as we compare and classify rocks.

**Look for our class "Moon Book" to be coming home in the next few weeks.


Woo hoo - 1st place in the canned fruit drive! THANK YOU!!

10/28 No School - Parent/Teacher Conference Day

10/31 Wear a fall or halloween shirt. No costumes!

11/1 Dress as your favorite Wizard of Oz character.

We will watch the original Wizard of Oz movie today.

Volunteers Needed for Lunch Duty 10:15-10:45am

*You must be an approved volunteer, and you must fill out a volunteer app every year.

iStation: please have your student login 30 minutes per week

username: s+student ID number

password: student ID number

Bring a water bottle and a dry, healthy snack each day.

We have PE - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please wear appropriate footwear!

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