By Jaci Spence

The column of smoke rose from the volcano...All they could see from the volcano was smoulder.They thought it was just another earthquake.It was not fire yet , just fume.

The City of Pompeii

The City of Pompeii was an immense town , and the people were quite wealthy.It takes fifteen hours to get to Pompeii flying.A three star hotel average would cost an average of sixty dollars.They had no electricity and they planted grapes and olives.(I HATE OLIVES)They found a loaf of bread,musical instruments,and seeds.
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The disaster happened on August 24-25 Ad 79 and they say it could a

happen again soon.The volcano is hundreds of thousands of years old and it looks like a tornado coming out of the volcano.

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What the Ashes left Behind

The smoke from the volcano was twenty thousand feet high and hit planes but they got replaced.You’d think only bit a little got killed but no a lot got killed.The body's stayed like it was except it was concrete.People tried to carve the body's!The ash covered Herculaneum too,and fifteen feet of ash.The roads were destroyed and when they would dig they found treasures.
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Where is Everybody?

Did you know fifteen planes got replaced and seventeen years workers rebuilt the town?The body’s from the ash left “space.”

Houston… We have a problem!Rocks and ashes killed thousands of people in Pompeii Italy.Back to you Steve!Some got away and a lot died and they did not even know that was a volcano.They thought it was just another earthquake.

Painful Stuff

All the people in Pompeii and Herculaneum this goes for you.All their faces twisted with pain,Dogs trying o get loose,and all they had was slavery.It looked like a zoo because a lot of people were in Pompeii.

Did you know thousands of people were buried alive?Also the volcano erupted three times before that happened .Discoverers actually found dogs and people reading books.Twenty thousand people died and tons of hot ash rained down on Pompeii.

About the Volcano

The people did not know mount Vesuvius was a volcano and it happened on a tuesday.It destroyed Pompeii and Herculaineum and people were praying to heaven.Poiseness gasses fills the air.

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