By Jhoel Morales

Around the world, people have been suffering in many ways, and what got my eye was that the majority of the people who suffer the most are people who fell in poverty and have lost everything that they could possibly own. Theses people are the homeless who are forced to live on the streets.

Raise of hands if, you guys have seen someone homeless before, what about here In Boise?

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When did homelessness first start out and when did it become a big issue?

Homelessness has been a problem way back in time, since the day money was invented, although it really wasn't a big problem back then because during the roaring 20's, almost everyone had a job. When the Great Depression hit, it caused millions of people to go homeless and this was a pandemic. The people who were affected, rarely got out of being homeless since most of them just gave up and lived as homeless. Ever since then, people have been losing faith and because of that, it's gradually growing even to this year.
Homelessness In America

How have we helped?

  • Many states in the United states have built shelters to help the homelessness but that wasn't enough to help them get off their feet. In Utah, a project was proposed to build homes for the homeless by Rein. The project passed, and it dramatically reduced the number of homeless in Utah and not only that, the medical bill went down so in the long run, it payed itself off.
  • In Dhaka, Bangladesh a similar project was held also, but the prime minister helped the homelessness train to get a job. The project was really effective but not at all successful since they don't have the money to keep it going. but, those who did got help, tried their best to help others since they also know what it was like to be homeless.

After watching the video, you now know that helping everyone is nearly impossible since the numbers grow everyday but we try our best

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It's not just America who faces the problem

Around the world people face the same problem of homelessness and in some places, the numbers are a lot higher and the homeless are in worse shape

Other ways to help

  • There are a lot of organizations out there that help's deal with homelessness by building shelter, providing food, and providing common essentials.
  • You can help by donation money, clothes you don't use, and time.
  • There are a lot of organization that need's money keep them going there are organization that has money but, don't have the people to help them out. Family promise is an organization that has money but, they need more people to help out with their mission to stop homelessness. They have around 660,000 volunteers and what they ask to keep them going is for people to donate their time and help out because, they say helping others with one on one is better then just handing out things.

What I think we should do with homelessness?

I think that we should get all of the organization to come together as one and build shelters or homes on land that's not being used by anyone. I do believe that if we could get everyone around the world to donate their time for at least an hour, then we will be able to stop the homelessness numbers from going up, but to go down instead. Not only we will stop the homelessness numbers but, we can intereact with them and let them know that there not alone to face the problem, but they have help from us.
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How will you do to help solve this problem?


One in five homeless people suffer

A: Starvation

B: Place to live

C: Water

D: untreated severe mental

What percent of the homeless are children?

A: 25%

B: 50%

C: 75%

D: 65%

Which country has the highest % of homelessness?

A: Mexico

B: Nicaragua

C: Columbia

D: Ecuador

Which method is better in helping homeless?

A: Donating money to organization

B: Donating your time to organization

C: Donating your time & money to organization

D: "donating" money to homeless on the street