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April 20, 2015

Student feedback for students

This is so neat! This warm and cool feedback strategy is demonstrated in a high school AP class. What's so great about this strategy is that it could be tailored to suit middle-school-aged students and your content area.

The strategy uses specific rules to ensure a safe environment for sharing and providing feedback. What rules did you notice for the strategy? How does the student goal setting prior to feedback process starting, helpful for students? How would the choices of areas to focus on for goal setting look in your content area?

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NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

·6th Celebration: The next one is 5/8.

·Library Tutoring: Q4 tutoring will run on Wednesdays 4/1-4/29-students who do not show up are being dropped from the list.

·Book Worm talks: Read, Read, READ! The next one is Friday May 1 when we have a min. day.

·CST Testing: 8th grade ONLY will be taking the CST Science exam April 23rd. They will be testing their advisories 1st and 2nd period. Please make sure your kiddos do not disturb those classes

Share with Advisees:

· Booster Meeting: Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the next booster meeting is May 11th.

·Library Tutoring: Q4 tutoring will run on Wednesdays 4/1-4/29 for those who are signed up. Students who do not show will be dropped from the list.

·April 21st and 22nd: Bake sale for Sci Camp with Ms. Weizeorick.

·Water Rally: Leadership is putting on a lunch time rally that involves water games 4/24.

·CST Testing: 8th grade ONLY will be taking the CST Science exam April 23rd and need to report to advisory in the morning. Please make sure the students are well rested, have eaten breakfast and arrive at school on time.

·Science Camp Chaperone Meeting: 6th grade parents who are coming on the Sci Camp trip need to attend this meeting on April 23rd from 6-6:30pm in Ms. Missio’s room.

·Science Camp: 6th graders will be attending Science Camp April 28th-May 1.

·Minimum Day: Friday May 1 is a ½ day for all NP3 students.

·NP3 High School Dance Tryouts: For current 8th graders who are going to be 9th graders at NP3 HS. Tryouts are April 28, April 30 & May 5 from 3:15-4:15 in the NP3 Gym. There is a $5 tryout fee and please bring sneakers, water, ponytail and positive energy! Everyone is welcome to try out!!