MMA Monday Montessori Moments

May 21, 2018

Thanks for an Awesome School Year!

Thank you for choosing MMA for your child's education. We enjoyed loving and learning from your children each day. We wish you a summer full of joy, relaxation, and reading for pleasure.

A Message from our Instructional Coach, Nicoletta Householder

Filling buckets and implementing practical life skills

This summer, I encourage you to do things that you and your family enjoy: spend time in and on the water, hike, camp, read for pleasure, garden, cook, travel, and whatever else fills your buckets or brings joy to your heart.

Children can also find joy and have a sense of purpose when they help the family through the completion of practical life skills. Implementing practical life skills can provide the child sense of purpose and value while they are enjoying their summer fun with friends and family.

Let children be creative when completing practical life tasks - make meal menus, cook and prepare meals, wash and dry clothes, fold laundry, sweep and mop, vacuum, mow the lawn, feed the pets, set up and tear down the tents, have lemonade stands, lead hikes and identify plants and animals, read maps from a car atlas while traveling, make bouquets, organize a book club. Have them make charts and checklists to track their week of progress and accountability as well as a great reflection opportunity. Doing these activities together can help build and bond these experiences with you and your child.

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Help Wanted

We are working hard to box and move materials into the new addition and welcome your help. A bonus for helping is that you would get a sneak peek into the new classrooms. If you are available to help during any or all of the following times, please sign into the front office and we'll put you to work:

  • Tuesday, May 22nd 8:30am-1pm
  • Wednesday, May 23rd 8:30am-1pm
  • Thursday, May 24th 8:30am-1pm
  • Friday, May 25th 1-4pm

Parent Survey Links Below:

AdvancEd Parent Survey - Part II

Required as part of our accreditation process.

Bridging Ceremonies are this week!

Bridging Ceremonies are an important piece to the Montessori method. You won't want to miss it.

Early Childhood Bridging (Kindergarten to 1st grade) Monday, May 21 11:00-12:30 pm

Lower Elementary (3rd grade to 4th grade) Tuesday, May 22 10:30-11:30 am

Upper Elementary (6th grade to 7th grade) Wednesday, May 23 10:30-12:00

MMA Junior High needs moving boxes

Please bring any empty boxes to the office.

MAPA needs you!

Thank you to the wonderful parents who showed support during Teacher Appreciation week!

Book Fair and PTC dinners are in need of help. We couldn't make these amazing events possible without the help of parent volunteers.

Look on Track it Forward to see what will fit your schedule best to help:

Coming in 2018-2019

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MMA Before School Orchestra Program

Orchestra classes are available to Upper Elementary and Junior High students for next school year. Lower Elementary students will be accepted if they are in private lessons and upon approval from Ms. Clarissa. More Information coming soon!


To the tune of Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie: "Everything is awesome!!! Everything is cool when your class eats outside!"-Boy Lower Elementary

Enrollment is now open!

Do you know anyone who would be interested in sending their children to Maria Montessori Academy? The Montessori method is the most widely and longest practiced form of education in the World. There are more than 22,000 schools in 110 countries worldwide. Current brain and educational research supports many of the practices perfected by Montessori teachers over the last 110 years.

Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year is open! Don't wait any longer to educate your child for a better world! Enroll now.

We must be the change we wish to see.

You can learn more by visiting our website or call and schedule a tour to see this incredible method in action.

Your opinion is important to us!

Please take a moment and rate us on our official Facebook page and on google.

MAPA Information

We need you!

MAPA Is looking for Committee Chairs for the 2018-2019 school year. Please contact if you or someone you know would be interested.

MAPA is our school's parent organization. Because of MAPA, we do not have to rely on monthly fundraisers- like wrapping paper and chocolates. School-wide functions like Skate Night, Fall Festival, Gratitude Feast, Field Day and the Gala all happen because of MAPA. We do not want to lose out on these events.

Wanted: Parents interested in helping with fundraising for 2018-2019

We are in need of a Chair and Co-chair to organize our fundraising for the 2018-2019 school year. Committee members are also welcome! Funds raised will go towards all grade levels. We have streamlined things quite a bit so that there are only 4 major fundraising events throughout the year, instead of one per month. We have had an incredible community response in donations to these events. The skeleton is in place- we just need parents to take it and run! If you are interested, please contact Ms. Rene at .

We would like to meet with volunteers as soon as possible so that dates can be set and assignments can be given to give the committee a head start for next year. If you have questions, please contact Jenna Beers at 801-695-5864.

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MMA Spotlight- Ms. Heidi (MAPA President)

How did you find out about Montessori Education? My sister-in-law told me about the MMA lottery before the school opened and we got in!

How long have you been at MMA? Our family has been at MMA for 8 years, since it opened.

What is your favorite thing about MMA? I love that MMA treats kids as individuals and the kids have more freedoms than other schools.

What is your favorite food? I love stroganoff.

What is your favorite color? Orange

What is your favorite movie? Beauty and the Beast

What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I am not an adventurous person; I wouldn't enjoy activities like skydiving or snorkeling.

What motivates you to put in so many volunteer hours, as MAPA President? I love MMA. The looks on the kids' faces when they get to do the fun activities we plan makes it all worth it. I want to show the school that I care and want to give back to all the teachers and staff.

Calendar Of Events

May 21- Early Childhood Bridging Ceremony (11:00-12:30 MMA Gym)

May 22- Lower Elementary Bridging Ceremony (10:30-11:30 MMA Gym)

May 23- Upper Elementary Bridging Ceremony (10:30-12:00 MMA Gym)

May 25- Last Day of School