Puppies nearly burned alive

Insurance fraud

Gloria Lee

  • Gloria Lee owned the Prince and Princess Boutique and decided to burn her shop down.
  • Pet shop owner was in debt and filed for bankruptcy.
  • The insurance from the fire that consumed the building and the loss of her animals would serve as a bailout from her bankruptcy.

How It was done

  • Gloria and her boyfriend had brought in two cans of gasoline and fire accelerate to start the fire to her shop.
  • They doused the cages with gasoline and had proceeded to spray the rest of the building.
  • The 27 dogs were trapped in their cages as her boyfriend lit a rolled up newspaper and ignited the gas.
  • Luckily the dogs were spared when the sprinkler system had gone off and put out a majority of the fire.

What happened to her

  • Her own security cameras had caught her entire act and proved she was guilty.
  • The dogs were taken into custody and were adopted out.
  • Gloria was sentenced to 8 years in state prison.